Lead Generation Marketing: 3 Ways to reactivate old leads

An often overlooked, but very effective way of increasing sales — one that should really be part of your regular marketing funnels — is to reactivate your old leads.

And here’s why:


Current and prior customers ONLY


For starters, these people are familiar with you already.  So their level of skepticism (as long as you’re doing good stuff, to start with) is lower than fresh, new leads.

Second, since they already responded to your marketing, they may have just had other things going on, or they may have simply forgotten about you for any number of reasons.

And often, all you need to do, is gently prod them… to get them to take action.

As opposed to fresh new leads – who might need more of a whack over the head, to listen.

So here are 3 ways you can reactivate old leads, without telling them, “Hey, I’m reactivating you as a lead.”

1.  Use a different media to engage them — same message, just different delivery:

I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve worked with, that I’ve suggested this to… and to their amazement, their old leads have responded.

So you go from print to video, or the other way around… video to audio… You’ll even see response simply by changing the TYPE of print media (advertorial to personal letter), or the color (white paper to Goldenrod).

This is no different than when you’re looking through your clothing closet.  Some days you prefer blue jeans… other days, khaki’s.  You just never know.

2.  Change the big benefit you’re building your campaign around:

So let’s say you’re an upscale hotel trying to sell your Sunday brunch, and you have three primary bullet “hooks,” in this order:

1.  Amazing buffet breakfast – 17 authentic Japanese dishes

2.  Japanese chef on hand to make you a custom meal

3.  Unlimited champagne for the first 25 diners

“Switch” them around, so your lead pitch is now the second or third bullet and you focus your campaign around this new lead, first.

3.  Reassess your core pitches and change ’em completely:

Lastly, a really smart thing to do… is to go back out to a bunch of your recent buyers, and ask them why they bought.

You might be surprised to find there’s a benefit in there, which you’re not identifying… or which you haven’t done as thorough job of working through, as you need to.

And coming back out with an “almost new” campaign, is a VERY good way of capturing sales from old leads who previously ignored you.

By the way — if you actually do any of these things, or if you’ve done some of this already… let me know what happened, by posting your comments below.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  Is your sales copy “connecting?”

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