Lead Generation Marketing: 4 Things about acquiring new leads online

Some interesting data released by one of the larger ad networks, recently:

Free for existing customers and clients only

(Including amazon book sales):



Check it out, right here — who’s searching for what:


Some interesting stats to take note of:

1.  If you’re a restaurant, financial service, auto repair, real estate professional, beautician, etc… and you’re NOT spending money to advertise online, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

See, if you ever want to know what you should be selling… the easiest way to get this information is to find out what people are buying.

And presumably, since people just don’t wake up and say, “You know… I’d love to know more about auto repairs.  Let me do a search on them…”

You can pretty much assume this is what people are buying.

2.  I am astounded that people are searching for financial services in this high of a volume!

This is a good thing, because it means people are open to finding financial planning, insurance, and all the other related trimmings (most of which involve high-paying clients) , online.

3.  If you look at the local advertiser categories, and you see “Contractors and Construction” at number two.

I’d imagine most of these searches are for things like repairs, home additions and remodels, painting, service work, and so on.

This is really good since (unfortunately), MOST of the people in this marketplace are fairly unresponsive and a little technologically averse.

Which means all you have to do, is be SLIGHTLY better than your competition, and you’ll attract attention from the right customers.

4. Virtually all your competition advertising online, is missing two big things

And if you remember them, they will go a VERY long way to you getting more business than you can probably handle.

First, they are all missing some kind of customer or prospect engagement or involvement device.  See, for most of these services, your customer needs SOME kind of education.

For instance, no one’s going shopping for a Moving Company, and hiring the first company they find, to shlep their stuff across town, or across the country.

You HAVE to give your prospect a reason WHY they should hire you over everyone else they speak with or over every other website they visit.

And for the most part, virtually all the time, some kind of consumer education is going to be the best thing you can offer.

So something like, “Don’t Even Think About Hiring A Moving Company Until You’ve Listened To This:”

(Or read this, or watched this, and so on)

Second, you’ve GOT to have a differential.

Meaning, you HAVE to offer something that makes you different from everyone else.

If you don’t have a differential, then your entire conversation can only POSSIBLY revolve around one thing: pricing.

And at this point, it’s just a “race to the bottom.”

Which is NOT a race you want to win, I assure you.

Have a great weekend.

It’s beautiful here in Sunny Tampa on my lake.  Hopefully I’ll be fishing early Sunday morning, and hopefully you’ll be doing something relaxing, as well.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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