Update on my new book: 3 Free Chapters giveaway for YOU

I need your help with something. It has to do with my soon to be released book, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers!”

Here’s what’s going on. My book is actually done and through the second edit right now. It’s 360 pags long and it’s sitting right across from me on the table in front of my desk, where I keep all my open projects.

I have one more edit to run through, and then it’s on to the marketing. This past week I put all editing on hold to work on a new business I recently started with a partner, which I think I talked about yesterday.

Anyway, here’s my current dilemma: I want to keep this book REAL. In other words, not only have great material, but I want to speak to you, as a reader, the same way I might speak with you if we were in person.

So one of the issues is whether or not to curse in the book. I don’t mean curse on every page, or every other page… or even every Chapter, but I DO curse in person, like many guys. Usually, the cursing adds emphasis to what I’m talking about, and it also lends humor in most situations. In no way is it offensive or degrading, or directed at anyone specifically.

And although I know some people are offended by profanity, many people — especially men between the ages of 36 – 50 — which is my core audience, are not offended by cursing, at all. They appreciate gritty, edgy conversation.

Here’s what I need your help with — there are two things. First, if you want to get on the early announcement list and get your hands on the book first, simply register at http://www.kingofcopy.com/max

And second, if you have an opinion on the “cursing” stuff — either way — I’d apprecaite you sending it to me by posting your thoughts here on my blog.

Speak candidly and tell me how you feel. In return, once the book is ready, I’ll give you three free Chapters to read, so you can decide ahead of time whether or not the book is worth your time (with or without the cursing).

And I’ll also tell you what the majority of people had to say. Thanks for reading this, and thanks for your input!

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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13 responses to “Update on my new book: 3 Free Chapters giveaway for YOU”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Great that you are asking for feedback,
    I am not in your 30-60 men’s target market
    I feel that to curse to “reach” someone’s intelligence is a bit of an Oxymoron statement 🙂
    and last, the content is what’s important for the reader/purchaser.
    and even though I know your request is yet another marketing strategy :), I’m sure you are willing to hear the feedback.
    Best to your work! Mary

  2. Jenny Hamby Avatar
    Jenny Hamby

    Is your book going to serve as the marketing equivalent of a first date with folks who don’t know you? Or are you just selling it to those of us who have your voice stuck in our heads already? 😉

    If the former, how would YOU act on the first date? Would you be yourself 100% and show all of your warts right off the bat? Or would you be on slightly-better-than-usual behavior and let the relationship develop before being completely authentic?

    If you’re publishing the book to build credibility and increase exposure, I’d cut the curse words. Plenty of your personality comes through in your writing anyway, so it’s not a matter of being inauthentic.

    My 2 cents … can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. Paul Moore Avatar
    Paul Moore


    First of all, I think it is very wise and humble of you to ask! Great first step.

    I think that cursing in print is a big mistake. Yes, it has a benefit in giving emphasis to your point, but it degrades you in the eyes of many readers. Sometimes in a subtle way they don’t even recognize. And over time, it degrades the mind of the reader as well. This is one of the reasons we have sunk as low as we have as a society.

    To give anecdotal evidence to this point, look back at the moral, ethical and crime stats of the US when Gone with the Wind was released in 1939. Though there were many problems in those days, our social problems today make them look silly. (Bailout anyone?) At that time, scores of people got up and walked out of the theatres after that famous line.

    Proof of my point? No. But think about where we have slid as a nation and the correspondent level of trash talk we hear everyday in on TV and on the street.

    As a counter-example, I am training my children to speak respectfully to all adults. When they obey (not always!), I notice a change in the adult’s reaction to my children, and even in the way the adult acts around them. Subtle, but noticeable.

    You may lose a tiny amount of forcefulness in your sentences, but it will be far overshadowed by the benefit of speaking respectfully – like the wise gentleman I believe you really are, Craig.

    Best wishes on the book!

    Paul Moore

  4. Murph Avatar

    Craig, Love your stuff. Very valuable info. Worth every penny. I’d like to see you have more success. I agree with Jenny Hamby

    I don’t care about cursing. I am dead center of your demo. I do think it will put off some people who aren’t 40 year old men from NY who might otherwise have joined your herd. So for purely mercernary reasons I suggest you tone it down in the book and keep it in the newsletter. Date analogy is perfect

  5. Jason Avatar

    Jenny has a great point and I tend to agree with her.

    I AM in your age range(but just barely on the lower end :-)). I really believe that it depends on your overall demographic as well. What seems ‘normal’ or acceptable to you may not be to everyone else. You’re from Brooklyn and talking that way is probably a social norm. However, I’m from a WAAAAY different part of the country where if you drop the ol’ F-daddy in a business meeting you’re looked at as ignorant or uneducated. It can really be a turn off.

    My point is, there is a very thin line between being ‘real’ and being ‘over bearing’…and this comes from a self proclaimed cusser.

    Looking forward to the goods.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Please don’t. I want to read print from a professional with integrity and you are that, aren’t you? I can feel someone’s passion without the cursing. I don’t want to stumble over the expletives.

  7. Garlind Avatar

    If you curse you will alienate a segment of readers. Even if it is a small segment.
    If you do not curse you will alienate no one.
    You do seem to use common sense most of the time why not use it all the time.
    Does the King of copy sell $50,000.00 ads with cursing in them? Why not? The answer to this question is the answer to your question. Now go sell something

  8. Will Ezell Avatar
    Will Ezell

    Kudos to you Craig for having the chutzpah to ask your herd! While I’m not the least bit offended by your methods of ’emphasis’, I think Jenny said it best!

    Bring flowers, and make sure to open doors for her!

    Some of the most prophetic words I ever heard were from the absolute most talented man I’ve ever met – Dr. Greg Cheatwood. He always says to ask permission first. That’s always worked!

    Maybe you can have the censored and uncensored versions for the Kindle!

    Best wishes for massive success – and cheers to your accomplishment!

  9. colin myles Avatar
    colin myles

    would not bother me as am familiar with your output. but as jenny says if you are looking to reach a wider audience you probably should tone it down,but not too much to lose the gritty reality of business as it is in the real world.

  10. Colm Avatar

    Well, I’m going to disagree with what everyone has said thus far.

    I urge you to curse like a sailor.

    Here’s why…

    When writing sales copy, you speak to ONE person – the one person most likely to buy your shit (oops!).

    No one else matters.

    I’d rather gain one rabid fan who’s going to buy everything I’m selling than 10 lookey-loo’s who pick-up the odd $47 e-book…

    AND then ask for a refund because they’re offended by your attitude!

    You want personality? You want to be different? You want to get more clients?

    Then stick with what’s been working for you – if that means dropping a few a F-bombs – then so be it.


  11. Bob Avatar

    Let me ask a question, Craig.

    In how many of the best selling self help books do you find cursing? In how many of the top selling sales books do you find curses? In how many of the top leadership books do you find curses? In how many of the top copywriting books do you find curses?

    I think that you would agree that the answer is none. You may say that times are different now and that cursing is more acceptable. I don’t think that cursing is ever acceptable in the written word.

    I am sure that if you use curses in your book, you will not realize the sales that you would otherwise have.

    That is my opinion.

  12. doneforyou Avatar

    Cuss on Craig!
    I’m sick of reading PC crap.
    You’ve got to tell it like it is.
    Of course it can get overdone, but that’s not you.
    I am so fking excited about this book, I wish you’d hurry the hell up so we can get our hands on it.
    You Da Man!
    Brett Brodie

  13. Rangarajan Avatar

    Hi Craig,
    Congrats for asking for feedback. First, let me ask you, haven’t majority of the book authors won over their audiences without cursing or swearing?
    Your assumption that cursing will kick the reader’s attention for your benefit won’t stand test of logic. Yes some might like it and lean towards you. But, that will be a minority only. Content and presentation is more likely to win with the average reader.

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