Direct-Marketing Strategies: Hooray, you found a market — now what's next?

I have to be honest about something — I had such a relaxing weekend, it was difficult getting started today.

Plus, it’s the summer time and my daughter’s home from school — so it doesn’t feel like “work” mode, if you know what I mean.

Well, better late than never — I’m finally up and running, so let’s do this, OK?

O.K., Good.

Let’s talk about a few things you want to consider once you identify a marketplace and you’re ready to create a campaign.

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There are a few questions you need to ask yourself, before you sit down and actually “create” the marketing for whatever you’re trying to do.

1.  Can you get access to this marketplace?

Meaning, can you communicate with your buyers (or with the people you’re trying to generate leads with) over a media where they congregate, at an affordable cost?

This is an important question because if you can’t FIND your buyers, or if you can’t find them at an affordable price… then you do NOT have a project.

This is why joint ventures are so helpful – they give you direct access to a marketplace, typically at a very affordable cost.

But if you want to survive long-term, you might want to think about life “AJV” — after joint ventures.

2.  What’s the most LIKELY media you can use to find your buyers?

I know, in today’s day and age, “online” is everyone’s first reaction, but not every marketplace is MOST LIKELY to be found online.

Sometimes, you’re better off finding your buyers listening to the radio… other times, a direct mail piece is your best bet.

And the reason why this is important is because whenever you’re making decisions based on assumptions, you’ll increase your chances of success, if you set up your variables based on what’s MOST LIKELY to happen.

So for instance, if you can get your hands on an offline mailing list that’s proven to respond to an offer very similar to yours… but no one online is running this same offer… then it would seem that renting that offline mailing list will be your MOST LIKELY chance of succeeding.

And why do you want to go with what’s most likely?

The answer is simple.

If something doesn’t work in the most likely situation, then it’s probably something that’s not worth moving forward with.

This doesn’t mean you can’t screw something up and then make it better.  It just means you need to line up the odds of succeeding in your favor, whenever possible.

3.  Lastly, can you access existing buyers, at a similar price point?

Again, this has to do with increasing your chances of success.

If you’re selling vanity products to women who’ve shown a pattern of ordering products like this in the $75 – $100 price range… then don’t come in there and make first-time offers of $300 to this list.

Not that loads of women won’t buy – but you’re more LIKELY to sell similar goods and services at SIMILAR prices.

See, once you have a customer and they’ve paid for themselves (meaning, you’re breaking even or close to breaking even on your lead acquisition cost), it’s a LOT easier to THEN ask for more money.

Especially if you’ve over-delivered on your first sale, and the buyer’s had a good experience with you.

Remember, in many ways, selling is a game of odds.

Your job is to make those choices that offer greater odds of you maximizing your chances of winning.  In other words – you want to play into the odds.

You don’t double down when you have a six and an ace — you double down when you have a ten and an ace, right?

Even I know that one.

So leverage the odds in your favor :-)

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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