Direct-Marketing Strategies: Last day to get your hands on this: How to get money out of leads you can't convert

Today’s the last day to take your Free Trial of Seductive Selling, and get your hands on this month’s issue, PLUS all the bonus CDs, DVDs, and back-issues.  Here’s what you’re missing:

In this month’s “On My Nightstand Right Now” column:

– A somewhat unusual “get in shape” book I’m putting through the paces

– And a FANTASTIC technique for maximizing productivity, I’ve been using for close to 60 days now — and… I haven’t been disappointed, yet.  I’d say I’m probably TWICE as productive as a result of this ONE TECHNIQUE I discovered

In the Q & A Column, I cover the following:

– The four reasons why your buyers may not respond to your marketing, and how to fix each of them

– What to do when your source of leads is bad

– Something you’ve never head before: How to get money out of leads you can’t convert (page 6)

In the main Marketing & Copywriting Section:

– FIVE live marketing examples and sales copy breakdowns, including…

– A famous business opportunity ad written by one of the sharpest marketers ever

–  Local health and wellness ads

– Bad examples of offers, and how to fix ’em

– A Classic Ad Review from 1977

– How to provoke curiosity in your marketing messages and in your sales copy!

– Powerful Headlines that command attention, and how to create them!

– A simple way of leveraging your online content in an ad (page 1)

– TWO Examples of ads you should NEVER be running

The WORST Way to open up any ad or sales letter

– Headline types that LOWER your response rates (page 2)

– Story-telling is a great way to bond with your customers — but NOT when it’s done the way I point out on Page 3!

– Some people actually come off very controlling, when they think they’re being empathetic – find out the one mistake you must NEVER make, on page 4.

– When an offer is NOT an offer

All this, and much more including the latest marketplace news, photos, and Cool URLs that help your business.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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