Copywriting Tips: Ever wonder why people put P.S.'s on sales letters?

“Absence of fear doesn’t make you brave, courage in the face of fear makes you brave.”  Penn Jillette

If you’ve ever read a long-form sales letter written using emotionally compelling “direct response style” sales copy… then chances are outstanding, the sales letter had at LEAST one P.S.

But let me ask you something: Outside of “because everyone does this,” have you ever wondered why people include P.S.’s?

You have?

Good, then let’s talk about this.

As I say in my book, your P.S. is your “goodbye handshake.  Your P.S. contains your parting words, and it’s also your last chance to grab your reader by the lapels and get them to take action.

Basically, the P.S. is one more justifiable reason to communicate with your reader.

Kind of like how someone’s birthday or anniversary is often just another reason for you to contact them and make them a special offer.

Make sense?


And the nice thing is, because the P.S. is sort of segregated from the rest of your sales letter, and often, in a bold or different style font… it sticks out, and is therefore usually looked at and read by your prospects.

Which means, this is fairly important real estate…

So use it wisely.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  Want to know exactly HOW MANY PS’s to use and what to say?  Check out pages 315-322

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