Copywriting tips – A POWERFUL short-cut to creating sales messages

Since it’s Friday and since I just got back in town after a few days, today’s message is going to be short… and sweet:

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For most people, one of the biggest obstacles to selling, is actually sitting down and writing your sales letter.

The thought of having to do this, often feels VERY overwhelming.  To the point where you either don’t do it, or you DREAD doing it.

And having done literally hundreds and hundreds of sales copy critiques over the years, let me share a little tip that might help you eliminate much of this anxiety.

Instead of sitting down and thinking, “How am I going to write ALL this?…”

Just sit down first, and think about what it is, you’re actually selling.

In other words, what is it, your buyers really WANT.

And 9 times out of 10, what they want is RESULTS.

For example, you’re not selling chiropractic services… or plumbing services… or even books.

You’re selling the END product of what these services deliver.

Pain Relief…

A sink or toilet that’s not clogged, or… stress removed because of a leaky pipe…

Or Results of whatever the book is offering you.

You may know this as a “features vs. benefits” argument, but that’s confusing for a lot of people.

So if you just think in terms of “Results,” I think you’ll have a much easier time of it, and a lot of the anxiety you’re currently experiencing will be eliminated.

Simplify, that’s what I say.

Have a great weekend :-)

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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