Copywriting Tips: How to write an order form – 5 things you MUST include:

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Sounds weird, but I love designing order forms.


The answer is simple: because that’s where you get to cross the “finish line” of your promotion.  It’s where you win… and where you get to collect all your your chips.

And who doesn’t find that exciting, right?

So here are 5 things to keep in mind, for the next order form you create:

1.  Restate your Offer

People tend to get forgetful about what they’re buying when it comes to actually paying.

That’s why it’s important to develop a great offer, and re-state it on your order form.

You want them to be excited and you want to reinforce their decision — and eliminate ANY potential for last-second buyer’s remorse.

2.  Restate your Guarantee

Remind your buyer of the risk-free nature of what you’re giving them.

3.  Restate your Payment Options

Again, don’t give them any reason to back out – remind them they can make patents, whatever…

4.  Remind them of Shipping or Delivery terms

You want to manage their expectations.

If it’s instant delivery – that’s cool, get them all psyched up.  If you’re shipping via U.S. First Class Priority Mail, that’s cool, too.  Just let them know so they can have realistic expectations about what’s going on.

You don’t want your buyer thinking one thing, and something else happens, because you’re setting them (and you) up for disappointment when this happens.

5.  Also, if you have room… Include a reminder testimonial about why they’re ordering.

Social proof is one of those things you can never provide enough of.

Relying on what others have to say about what you’re offering, is far more important than forcing your customers to rely SOLELY on what you have to say.

Oh, and if you want to check out a pretty strong order form, you can find one here.

Have a great weekend :-)

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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