Small Business Marketing: How to write winning headlines in ANY business, and for ANY one (formula inside)

Most people make a really big deal over writing headlines.

Now don’t get me wrong – headlines are incredibly important.  If you don’t have a VERY compelling headline that makes people stop and think… it doesn’t matter if you’re GIVING stuff away – no one’s going to read the rest of your comments.

But what I’m referring to, is… some of the writing rituals I read about are kind of stupid, if you ask me.

They write down 100 headlines… 200 headlines… or they spend at least an hour writing headlines…

I’m not really sure I see any method behind this madness.  That would be like saying, “I’m going to write at least 100 pages of copy in my next sales letter.”

Or, “I’m going to do 10,000 situps in the gym tomorrow morning.  This way I’ll get washboard abs.”

What’s the point of all this?

This is no more productive than drinking 30 shots of your favorite booze at the next party you attend.

I don’t know about you, but I can think of lots of other things i’d like to do with my time, instead of doing something… ‘just because.’

Know what I mean?

Of course you do.

You want to do things because they make SENSE, nothing more.

Because they are part of a winning strategy, not because someone said this works.

Let’s face it, time is a precious commodity today and you don’t want to waste it, right?


So when I write headlines, I typically write maybe 20 – 25 or so… and then I whittle them down from there.

And if you were to put a gun to my head and tell me I only had to write ONE headline forever more… it would be a headline using the words “How To.”

For most headlines, adding the words How To, in front of them, will change the dynamics and boost the response, dramatically.

And that’s because, regardless what you do for a living, ultimately… you’re in the business of solving someone’s problems.  And the first thing EVERYONE wants to know, is “how to” solve their problem.

So let’s take a look at a few different examples of how you can make YOUR headlines MUCH better, using “How To.”


O.K., here goes:

Financial planning:

Retire At 65… Live Like A King To Age 100!

Best Rates On CDs Now Available

Life Insurance Sold Here

Financial planning, TURBO-Charged:

How To Retire At 65… And Live Like A King To Age 100!

How To Find THE Best Rates On CDs, Anywhere In America!

How To Find (The RIGHT) Life Insurance Policy For Your Family, Without Getting Ripped Off

Snake charming:

Snake Charming For Dummies

Snake charming turbo-charged:

How To Become A World-Class Snake Charmer And Be The Life Of ANY Party!

Buffalo Meat Sales:

Colorado Buffalo Meat Available

Buffalo Meat Turbo-Charged:

How To Find The Best Buffalo Meat For Sale And… How To Avoid Bad Meat, As Well!

See, regardless of the kind of business you’re working in… when you use “How To,”… you can’t go wrong.

And take note, that when I say “Any business,” clearly, I’ve shown you, I mean… any… business.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

P.S.  “Once you understand how to stir emotions in your buyers – and you WILL know how to do this after listening to these calls – you can do things virtually NONE of your competitors can do.  Because as you know, ALL buying decisions are based on emotion.  And once you know how to move people at a guttural level, they will “hear” what you’re saying, way above the din of everyone else.”  Mike Miget – St. Louis, MO

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