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“I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back.”  Zsa Zsa Gabor

O.K., here’s a quick one for today.  I’m rushing out of here to go and pick some blueberries, actually.

I love eating blueberries — they’re one of the best things you can eat, health-wise… they taste great… and when you pick ’em fresh, they taste even better.

(And my wife’s going to make me a tasty blueberry pie, so that’s even more incentive.)

Anyway, let’s get moving on this, shall we?

O.K., good… here goes:

A lot of my consulting and copywriting clients are starting to get involved in direct mail, once again.

I happen to love direct mail for a number of reasons that go beyond today’s little chat, but… I wanted to pass something on, which will boost your direct mail response rates and your ROI.

And here it is:

Have your order form already pre-filled out, with your customer’s name and address.

All you need to do this, is to have the name and address fields merged onto the order form before you print, and then you’re ready to roll..

If you’re going to ask me, by what percentage will this boost response – I can’t answer you, because it varies among clients and between industries.

I personally did this in an identical mailer, and personalization actually TRIPLED results.

But I don’t think this is the “standard” you should look at, or expect.

However — let’s be conservative and say it’s only going to boost your response by 15%, right?

The extra cost to do this, is probably going to be anywhere from 0 to 3%, so it’s MORE than worth while.

And I’m willing to bet — if you do split-test this — that you’ll find that 15% number I just used, to be EXTREMELY conservative.

If you want to know “why” this works, I’d have to say there are three reasons:

1.  You’re making it easier for your customer to respond.

2.  People tend to go along and obey things they see in print — there’s a LOT less resistance and opposition than you think.  And lastly…

3.  Because the Copywriting and Marketing Gods say so.

So have at it.

Easy, right? :-)

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  COMPLETELY Uncensored! 

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