Secret Formula To Creating Irresistible Offers And Increasing Conversions

Secret formula to creating Irresistible Offers and Increasing Conversions

Here’s a cool way to create irresistible offers, and to increasing conversions.

One of the reasons why places like McDonalds and Taco Bell are so successful, is because of the perceived distance between the offer they are making you… and your investment in it.

So for instance, you don’t have to be a White House economist to know being able to have a “meal” for a dollar or two, “feels” like a great deal.

Same thing with cruise packages.

7 Nights on a boat in a foreign location, with airfare and food included… generally looks like a great deal – if that’s your thing.

So one way you can measure the likely success of your offer, is by comparing the distance between the perceived value of what you’re selling, and your buyer’s investment in it.

The greater this distance – in other words… the greater distance between the perceived value of what you’re offering… and the investment your buyer has to make, to accept this offer… the more likely that offer is, to convert.

This is where information products come in handy.

Packaging up QUALITY information products with true value, with virtually anything… is a very way to increase this distance.

In fact, if you do this, you’ll wind up setting records with respect to what your average sale price can be… compared to industry standards.

In working with clients and in all my own projects, I consistently see this formula blowing away average expected sales prices.

Let’s take something simple, as an example – like Bonsai Trees.

What I would do, if I were selling Bonsai trees… is I would create two different offers.

You sell a single tree, for say $50 bucks (I have no idea what these things sell for, so I’m just making up numbers here). And then you sell a larger tree — or two small trees, for $85 dollars.

But along with the $85 Dollar Green Thumb package… you add in three things:

1. A Special Report called “How To Easily Care For Your Bonsai Tree, So It Lives To Be Over 100 Years Old!”

2. Another booklet called, “How To Make A Small Fortune, Raising And Selling Japanese Bonsai Trees”…

3. And then another booklet called “Secrets To Caring for Japanese Bonsai Trees ” – and this book should be the transcript of an interview with a famous Japanese Bonsai Tree Grower.

I assure you, with 100% certainty… if the average Japanese Bonsai industry customer sale is $50 dollars, yours will be much closer to $78 – conservatively.

Meaning, at least 80% of your buyers will take the $85 sale (85% x $80 = $68)… and only 20% will take the $50 sale (20% x $50 =$10). So $68 + $10 = $78.


Because the distance between the offer price, and the perceived value is MUCH greater with the larger offer.

Try this, and let me know if your results are similar. You’ll thank me, I assure you.

Have a great week.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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