Reinvent yourself, just don't reinvent the wheel:

America is a very forgiving nation.

We’ve forgiven Martha Stewart, Marv Albert, and Michael Miliken for their past indiscretions, and I’m pretty confident that in time, Eliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton, and Paris Hilton will be forgiven as well.

Here’s the good thing about our society, and I’ve specifically heard this from many people I know who live in Europe: failure is O.K. here. Either culturally, we’re more accepting of this, or perhaps as individuals, we don’t wear our failures… but in any case, reinventing yourself after a screw-up or mishap, is totally “allowed.”

Often times, when people feel stuck, they just keep hammering away at their problem, and nothing seems to change. (This is true in business and in your personal life as well.) But in reality, if you want a different answer, sometimes you just need to ask a different question.

Human nature is such that when we’ve dug a hole for ourselves, the usual response to this is to dig harder, when often, what you need to do is put down the shovel.

If something’s broken, fixing it isn’t the only solution. Replacing it is usually just as viable a solution, and many times, a lot easier.

Few successful entrepreneurs I know have been doing the same thing or serving the same customers their entire career. Those days went out the same time the “gold watch after 20 years of service” did. Most people change careers many times before either finding the one they were meant to be in… or before they finally crack the code, or meet the person who opens the door to the promised land for them in their existing business.

Sometimes, all you need to do is send out a different marketing message and your problem’s solved. Or, send out the same message to a different customer. Other times you need to jump ship and burn the boats behind you.

Regardless, though… of what you do or what you change, no one’s gonna fault you for it, as long as you don’t fault yourself.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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