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Really cool customer involvement device, increases conversions

Last week I was having dinner with an old client of mine – very cool guy.

He has a field service business – that’s where technicians go out into the field (in this case, homeowners), and fix their problems.

Field service industries include things like plumbing, pest control, HVAC, and so on.

So in his particular business, they were having trouble closing on one of their service lines. In fact, their closing rate was 10%, which is abysmal.

They made a few improvements to change things, and got it up to 45% (I can’t tell you what they did, because that’s client confidential type stuff.)

But I can tell you what I told him to do, that would boost this closing rate even higher, so sit tight:

In this particular line of work, there are diagnostic tools they use, that from a customer standpoint, are quite interesting.

For example, you know how when doctors perform surgery… they slip a tiny camera attached to a tube, inside your body… so they can see exactly what’s going on?

Those are really neat, right?

Yeah, sure they are.

Well… he’s got similar kinds of tools, only these tools show you on camera, where the problems are inside your house. (could be inside your walls, toilets, air handler, fireplace, and so on)

I told him, from a customer standpoint, this is incredibly interesting.

And that if he lets the homeowner use the tool to poke around the area – and not only see the problem they’ve diagnosed, but also let them check around other areas, in general… he’d boost his conversion rates even higher.


The answer is simple.

Because you’re getting your customer involved and invested in not only solving their own problem… but in the process YOU use to solve their problem, as well. And when you vest your customers in both of these experiences, your conversion rates will rise, plain and simple.

When the client is part of the solution, conversions increase.

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So think about your process. Is there a point in time along your process… or can you create a point in time along your process where part of the client engagement involves your customer’s participation?

If you can get them involved like this, you’ll bump conversions like crazy.

And if you want to see the 5 most powerful conversion tactics, check this out.

Have a great week.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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