Prediction: Twitter Dies In 2009

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Unconventional Author And Marketing Guru Predicts The Death Of Twitter In 2009

Author, copywriter, and direct-response marketing consultant Craig Garber, from, doesn’t claim to be a new media expert – but he is an expert at selling, and at pushing prospects’ emotional buy-buttons. And in a controversial move, Garber is predicting the death of the outrageously popular microblogging service, Twitter, in 2009.

According to Garber, here’s why Twitter is a waste of any serious marketer’s time:

  • Content – “If ‘content is king,’ as even entry-level marketers know, then Twitter’s limit of 140 characters doesn’t even get you started. It’s not possible to present an emotionally compelling story in just one or two sentences,” Garber notes.
  • Rapport – Twitter doesn’t facilitate the bonding that’s needed to stand out among all the buying options in today’s marketplace. “Rapport comes from getting to know someone on a more intimate level than ‘Who likes chicken?’ or ‘I am the Lord of cats,’ and all the other inane comments that make up the lion’s share of communication on Twitter,” Garber argues.
  • Trust – Effective marketing happens when rapport develops into relationships. “With skepticism at an all-time high, it’s critical to focus on credibility and believability,” says Garber. “This requires sharing meaningful information and having dialogue over time. The trivialities shared on Twitter do not build into anything else.”

Garber, who values time as his most precious commodity, says, “Twitter’s just an online water cooler for people who have too much time on their hands. It is NOT a viable marketing tool. And while some marketers claim they’re getting excellent results from Twitter, remember, you measure results in dollars, not in ‘followers.’ In fact, using Twitter makes you look broke and needy – as if you have nothing better to do with your time. Truly successful people are way too busy making money to go on Twitter and try to get attention by screaming louder than the next guy.”

“I’ve never been afraid to buck trends, because being unconventional is what makes you money,” adds Garber, whose forthcoming book “Small List, Big Profits” reveals the 21 proven direct-marketing strategies he used to make over $578,000 from a small email list of less than 5,000 people. “It’s time someone spoke up and proclaimed that Emperor Twitter is wearing no clothes.”

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Look, I have nothing against Twitter, and the guys who created it are very sharp and perhaps on to something really huge.

But listening to the endless chatter of “Crunchy or creamy?” “Chocolate or vanilla?” “What scent do I buy my wife?” “What’s my hubby’s favorite color golf ball?”

Come on!

Guess what?

No one gives a shit! Most of Twitter is full of noise. How ’bout a filter or something like that? Preferably a “dummy” filter, if possible. Or a “people who love to hear themselves think out loud” filter. THAT would be great, no?

And remember, just because someone needs therapy, that shouldn’t be everyone else’s cross to bear.


Talk to you later, Craig Garber


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