Positioning mistakes people make that come back to haunt you:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

Today’s quote has a lot to do with “positioning.”

Not many people talk about “positioning,” but it’s a critical component of how your marketplace perceives you.

And the foundation of your positioning is 100% based on how you see yourself and how you want to be treated.

You see, people (and clients) will treat you the way you want to be treated.  And how you want to be treated, is typically based on relationship boundaries you do and don’t set, right from the get go.

Much of your positioning is (or should be) defined up front.

Not up-front before people read or first intersect with your marketing… but some time prior to them first making contact with you.

In a sense, your positioning is the image or perception you want people to have of you.

It’s kind of like what a logo is supposed to do for you, in conventional marketing — only, for the most part… direct-response marketers don’t typically play by many of the rules of conventional marketing.

Which is why I found this photo, of a regional-based cleaners here in the Tampa Bay area (they have 22 locations), quite interesting:

Marketing and Positioning

Would you tip this cleaners?

This is just awful positioning.

For starters, I’m a generous tipper and I grew up in New York City, where you pretty much have to tip for everything.  And yet… I don’t know anyone who’s ever tipped their cleaners.

So it’s not even relevant.  And when you send out a message that has no relevancy to your audience, what happens is, you cause an emotional “disconnect” to occur.

And once someone disconnects from you, emotionally, they are no longer going to buy from you, either.

Let me know your thoughts about this photo, right here on my blog.

And don’t forget about positioning – it can make your life EASY… or it can make your life a living hell, if you don’t manage it correctly.

Now go make some memories, Craig Garber

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