My Father's Day confession, send me yours:

Either I’ve been duped or something’s wrong here.

Yesterday, as you know if you life here in the States, it was Father’s Day.

In the morning I went to pick up my daughter who’d been at a sleep-over the night before. I was talking to the dad of the house, and he was terrified that he had to spend Father’s day trapped with his kids.

Later on, I had to run over to Michael’s to get some pictures and posters framed, and I was talking with the clerk there, Joe. Joe, who’s a hell of a nice fellow (he’s helped me with framing several times) said, “Hey, how’d you manage to escape and get out here alone on Father’s Day?”

Then I dropped my bicycle off to be tuned up and I was talking to the shop owner, asking what he was doing for Father’s Day. “Thankfully, everyone in my family is out of town. So I’m just going to open a few beers, put a steak on the grill… and relax.”

How come all these dads – including myself – are so stressed out on Father’s Day?

I spent half the day feeling guilty, like a horrible father, because the truth is, I love my kids — I really mean that — and although I’m not going to win any kind of “father of the year award,” I’ve always been there for them and I continue putting tons of time and effort into educating them about life and supporting them through whatever crisis they have going on at the moment.

And in fact, I’d do anything I have to, to protect and nurture them, and although I let them learn life’s lessons the hard way, like all of us have to learn them, I’m always there to explain and show them what’s going on and how to avoid getting burned a second time.

But “en masse” they drive me nuts! Individually, they’re wonderful, but put them together and it’s like you’re at a chicken fight. All I want to do is escape!

I sit there thinking, “Why can’t my kids be like all the other kids on television. Sitting around the family table or out at a barbecue, getting along, tossing a ball or whatever?”

So here’s what I want to know: Is this just a spoof about real-world kids?

Do you too, love your kids but get driven nuts by them? Because I’m sitting there thinking, “This is unnatural to not want to be with your kids on Father’s Day. It’s like not wanting to be with your wife on Valentine’s Day or something.”

So let me know your experiences by either posting them to my blog at or by replying to this message, and tell me if I’m the one who’s nuts and needs therapy, or if I’m normal, O.K?


Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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