Lead Generation Marketing: Use hot news for a hot day, and read all about it inside

First, my younger son, Casey is graduating high school today and we’re all very proud of him.  I just wanted to send a special message to wish him a ton of good luck and good health in his life.  Lord only knows you need a ton of luck to make it in today’s day and age, right?

You bet.

But one thing you sure as hell don’t want to leave up to “luck,” is your marketing, your ability to get your buyer’s attention, and your ability to cut through clutter in your buyer’s lives.

After all, I don’t know many people who’ve “lucked” their way to success — do you?

Not really, right?

So today let’s talk about a practical strategy you can use to get your buyer’s attention — this way we can completely remove “luck” from any part of any strategy you might otherwise be relying on.

One way of doing this is so effective, it’s been used several times a night for close to fifty years now, to get the attention of hundreds of millions of people on a regular basis.

Any idea what this strategy might be?


Come on, it’s literally right in front of your face, almost 24/7.

That’s it.. now you’ve got it – it’s “news.”  The biggest reason why people watch the news, whether it’s online or on television, is to find out what’s happening NOW.  They want to know the most current breakthroughs, the most updated facts about stories going on around them, and… most importantly – they don’t want to feel like the world is passing them by while they are being left behind.

(Again, fear of loss is always a greater motivator for taking action than anything else.  But that’s another story for another day.)

News is critical, so let’s take a look at a few different ways you can use “News” to get your buyer’s attention.  Some of these items can be used in a headline, others can be used as the story line, but each of them are effective because they are giving your buyers news:

**  “9 Major National Banks passed legislation last week that makes it completely impossible for you to EVER pay off your 30-year mortgage.  Yesterday, one man in Tampa decided to do something about this, and here’s how his new ‘game plan’ is going to save you thousands of dollars, starting next month.  What happened was…”

**  “New Grass Never Needs Cutting: Local Landscaper Cries Foul!”

**  “Sounds crazy but college freshmen are no longer putting on ten pounds their first semester, and here’s why…”

**  “In a small town here in the heartland of America, big things are happening to one potato farmer , even while he’s sleeping…”

See how easy this is?

Remember, if someone’s interested in what you have to say, they’re especially interested in what you have to say if it’s newsworthy, and… if it’s compelling.

I just gave you the newsworthy part, the compelling part’s up… to… you…

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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