Lead Generation Marketing – Use any of these three strategies immediately, to reactivate your old customers:

I was in meetings pretty much all last week – so now it’s time to get re-activated.

And in fact, that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today – “re-activating” your old customers. Because this is a fairly easy way to generate some relatively “new” business.

Unless you’re selling life-event products and services — for example, things related to pregnancy or to dying, or buying a brand new home — SOME percentage of your customers will be open to working with you again.

And as long as the reason they didn’t leave wasn’t because you didn’t do a good job… you can use any one of these three strategies can reactivate them:

Here they are:

1. Send them the same exact offer that first attracted them to you.

And you can do this two ways:

First, you can do this as if they are brand new to you and seeing your stuff the same way everyone else is.

You’re relying on some “luck” there, which I don’t like. (“Luck” is not a good business OR marketing strategy.)

OR… (and this is the way I’d test it, first) — you can make SURE you let them know, you miss them and you’d like the opportunity to connect with them, once again.

And, to show them how much you’d like to work with them… you give them a special add-on bonus NO ONE else can get. Or, something no one else can get unless they’re willing to spend a bunch of extra money to get it.

2. Create a Special “Customer or Client Re-Activation Offer,” solely for them.

In other words, create a special offer for them, ONLY.

Something new and something you’ve put thought into, just for them.

This is more of a solid, “stand alone” product or service. As opposed to what we just discussed a minute ago, where your add-on offer (along with your initial offer) is more of a “bonus,” or a “gift.”

3. If you’re in a consumer services company, and your customer base is large… another thing you should probably consider doing is, “duplicating yourself.”

Create another company that does exactly what you do. Only, it’s another company NOT visibly related to, or having anything to do with your original company your customer or client first came into contact with.

You can then pitch your same or similar services to your former customers or clients, and try to reactivate them this way.

Sometimes, people are in the mood for the service, but just want to try another brand.

That’s why, for example, cigar companies often manufacture a variety of brands and labels.

Their customers have different tastes — and that’s fine — as long as the revenue share is still coming in, right?

Of course :-)

Remember, though — keep in mind — if all you’re looking to do is “get their money,” this probably won’t work.

You have to keep in mind… what you’re trying to do is “re-connect.”

To re-establish your relationship.

And just like in “real life,” sometimes… you’re going to have to make some concessions or take some kind of a deep breath — or even… make a “leap of faith” of your own… to get this relationship reactivated.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. BEST way to REACTIVATE relationships?  By being a REAL person.

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