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How NOT To Deliver A Great Customer Experience

“No, I’m not DEAD.”

I know it’s been too long since I’ve e-mailed my list, when I get people e-mailing my office asking if something’s happened to me.

So, for the record, “No, I’m not dead and nothing’s happened.”

Nothing outside of the fact that I’m really and truly busy, that is.

I’ve got a few different projects I’m working on, outside of, as well as some interesting consulting and copywriting projects going on, so… time is very limited nowadays.

But hey, those are good problems to have, and not that important at all, in the big scheme of life, right?

Of course.

So today, let’s talk about something that is important – to you, to me, and to anyone who runs a business.

Let’s talk about the kind of experience you’re creating for your buyers.

Often, it’s the simplest things that can make or break your interactions with your buyers.

For example, last weekend I drove over to Tijuana Flats, a local Mexican place. I placed an order for roughly 8 or 9 meals — we had some friends over the house, plus a few kids.

The girl behind the counter who took our order, was obviously new… and pretty unsure of herself. And that was fine. Because I’ve learned — after raising three kids (well… 2 1/2, anyway) — you can’t expect children to perform like adults.

So it was really no big deal she had to ask me two or three times what I wanted, for every single meal I ordered…

And, it wasn’t a big deal that we had to wait forever, because I was with my buddy and they gave us some chips to eat while we were waiting…

Then, finally… they came out with our order, and it looked like we were on our way.

Another young girl had our ticket in her hand, and our food in a couple of bags for us.

I asked her if I needed to go through the bags, just to make sure everything was in there, since it was a larger order. This way, if there were any mistakes… we could clear them up before we left.

“No, I’ve already done this. I just want to go through the actual order again with you.”

So she read off what was on the ticker-tape receipt, and everything was correct.

Are you SURE I don’t need to go through the bags to see if anything’s missing?

“No. Not at all.”

So we take the stuff back home, and get there about an hour after we left – which was probably 30 minutes more time than it should have taken.

And, of course… yep, you got it — of course one of the meals was missing.

NOW… I was pissed off.

So I called them up and spoke to the manager. He knew me, because the new girl who was taking our order, kept having to call him over and ask how to input this or that into their point of sale system.

He was very apologetic and understanding, and he said he’d send me a gift card in the mail, to make up for all the inconvenience.

And, sure enough… the gift card came in today’s mail.

It didn’t make up for every inconvenience I had to deal with… but it was better than nothing, I guess.

I don’t know — I’m so conditioned to accepting crappy service, that anything north of mediocre, feels like it’s absolutely fantastic.

What are your thoughts on this, and on customer service, and on creating a good experience, in general?

Let me know by posting on today’s blog, right below.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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