Don't write unless you want small miracles

Boy it’s been very hard getting back to work.  I took off the last three days, and even this morning I sat out back for an hour reading.

The weather here in Tampa is nothing shy of perfect this time of year and I try and take as much advantage of it, as possible.  Right now it’s 79 degrees and not a drop of humidity in the air.  In fact, Saturday afternoon I went swimming in the lake with my daughter and had a blast.

Little can she fathom that there are few places in the US right now, where you can do this without freezing your buns off.

And right now, the doors to my office are swung wide open and I’m looking out over a lake that’s so serene, it’s like a mirror pointing up towards the sky.

So rest assured, writing this wasn’t easy.  And so that’s why I want to take a moment here to talk about the benefits of writing, because they go FAR beyond selling and things of that nature.

I’ve been writing almost every single day for nearly ten years now.  And I will look you straight in the eye and tell you that besides being able to communicate with prospects and clients a lot better, writing on a regular basis allows you to… clear up any kind of mental indecision you might have.

See, writing allows you to spend time with yourself, which is something none of us, in today’s crazy world, typically gets enough time to do.  It lets you clear up any misgivings, misunderstandings, and indecision you might be going through, in any area of your life – business or personal.

I’ve solved many problems over the years, simply by putting my thoughts down on paper.  Not only business problems, but problems with my wife… problems with my kids… and problems and issues with myself.

That’s because no matter how “awkward” you might feel writing, here’s the thing you need to know.  Every word you write always leads you to the next word, and the next word after that.  Each sentence begets the next sentence, each idea gives birth to your next idea.

And so you have a situation where you’re forced to see your problem through till the end, the same way you have to complete your turn after you circle your steering wheel when you’re driving.

And because you’re stripped of your normal “voice,” which is often filled with emotion and passion that clouds your ideas, you’re compelled to see things clearly.  It’s just you and words on paper, so you get to pick through any of the confusion or disarray that might be spinning around inside you.

As a father of three children, I can say from experience, that writing is like walking in your mind.  First you take baby steps, unsure and uncertain where they’ll lead you — or if you’ll even be able to stay standing up in the first place.

But if you’re brave enough to continue plodding on… you will no doubt eventually get to your destination… safe and sound.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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