Direct-Response Marketing: What parents know (and don't know) about selling, that you don't

Last week I was reviewing a web site for a client.

The site had a number of problems with it, but the biggest problem was that the client would never ever, ever make any money with it.


The answer is simple: there was no call to action.

The website was, in a sense, nothing more than a big business card.  One that had more real estate than a business card does, and more photos and some extra descriptive language…

But it didn’t tell the customer WHAT do to or HOW to order.

Just like most business cards.

You’d be amazed how much marketing material out there, doesn’t explain these two things.

And in a way, it’s understandable.

And that’s because, typically… in most “real life” buying situations we grew up with — like going into a retail store… or even someone coming to your house to sell you something… you don’t have to ask your buyer to order – they tell you they want to order.

So in many ways, having to guide someone to order, is a little bit un-natural.

But in print, things are different.

Unless you tell your customers specifically WHAT you are offering and then HOW to get it… there’s just no sale, period.

This isn’t subjective, either.  If you don’t do these things, you will not sell.

In print, you MUST give your buyers direction.  In this sense, they are like children who need guidance and a little encouragement.

When you raise children, the responsibility is on YOU, to make them functional, not them.

And when you sell in print, it’s the same thing.  The responsibility is on YOU to show your prospects how to buy, just the same way.

So be responsible and make sure you a good parent to your customers.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

P.S.  Stop “selling!” 

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