Direct-Marketing Strategies: 3 ways to justify charging higher prices

There are as many reasons why you should be charging higher prices.

And in reality, charging higher prices isn’t difficult – what’s difficult… is explaining why your buyers should pay more.

And frankly, many times, you need this more than your buyers do.

But irregardless (that’s not a word by the way), here are three ways you can justify charging higher prices.

1.  Ego or vanity purchase

Depending on your marketplace, you may be selling something that has some kind of ego or snob appeal associated with it.

If you’re in a marketplace like this, simply let people know something like, “Look, this product (or service) obviously isn’t for everyone.  It’s only for people who truly want the best, and who are willing to pay for it.”

This accomplishes your goal, very easily.  They either want it, or they don’t.

2.  Scarcity

Whenever there’s a limited number of whatever it is you’re offering, the value of it, automatically increases.

That’s just basic laws of economic supply and demand, right?


The real challenge here, though… is making sure your scarcity hook, is valid and believable.

And people aren’t stupid, so think this one through, fully.

3.  Story-telling

Lastly, the better off you’re able to tell stories about your product or services… and how they were either developed or why they were created… or everything that goes into delivering them… the more you’re going to justify the value.

Remember these three things:

1.  The more you tell, the more you sell.

2.  People don’t mind spending more… they mind spending more and not getting more value for their hard-earned dollars.

3.  And finally, you deserve to earn top-dollar, so why not get it?

In reality, the more of these reasons you use, and the more you’re able to weave them all into your promotion, the stronger your ability to charge (and actually collect) top dollar will be.

When it comes to strategy — like chairs… three legs are usually better than one.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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