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Best time to start writing your sales letter headlines?

Before we get started, let me just warn you:

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I often get asked about the timing of the construction of sales letters.

Like, when should you write your headlines?… Or, what’s the first thing you should write, when you’re putting together a marketing piece?

Now most people will say you need to write 50 to 100 headlines after you finish your sales copy, but I’ve never done it like this.

And here’s why.

Writing your headline AFTER your finish writing your sales letter, web page, or whenever, makes NO sense.

That’s because writing a sales letter — especially a long one — is often exhausting. And when you’re finished, your energy is low, and you’re often physically and mentally drained.

So why would you want to create something (your headline) that may be responsible for perhaps 80% of your success, when your energy level is at it’s lowest?

Sounds kinda silly, doesn’t it?

You bet. That would be like taking an important exam at the END of the day, just before you go to bed, instead of first thing in the morning, when you’re nice and fresh.

So what you want to do is… you want to write your headline FIRST, while you’re all fresh and bubbly and filled with energy and enthusiasm.

This doesn’t mean you can’t go back in there and re-vamp it later on during the creative process (in fact, you should), but you want to get those ideas down on paper when your BURSTING with life, not when all the life you have’s been drained out of you.

Make sense?


The other thing is… typically, in many cases, your headline is the “story driver” for your entire sales letter. And without it, it’s like piloting a boat through the ocean when the steering’s broken.

How on earth can you get where you want to go?

Keep this in mind the next time you write a new piece. Do it this way, and in all likelihood, the entire foundation of your sales piece will be stronger and much more effective… because of the connection it makes between you and your buyers.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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