Announcing 2 Ridiculously Simple, New Business Breakthroughs:

I meet a lot of people who are stumped for ideas. If you are one of them, then maybe this will help you.

Here are a couple of new business ideas I recently stumbled across, that are nothing more than combinations of existing ideas, and even that is probably making things FAR more complicated than I need to.

To start with, Heineken’s recently come out with a new beer called Charli, which is a beer specifically for women. Apparently, women don’t like barley as much as men do, so they’ve cut the barley back and added some fruit flavors instead.

Pretty cool, huh?

And regardless of whether or not it works — I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s NOTHING better than a good heiney, right?

The other neat idea makes total sense. Do you know what “fractional ownership” is?

Yep, fractional ownership is when you and one or more other people own a percentage share of an asset — usually an expensive asset. Fractional owners get to enjoy the privileges and benefits of ownership, and they also share in their proportional amount of expenses to maintain the asset.

You often see fractional ownership in things like private jets, high-end business offices, helicopters, racehorses, and yachts.

Now, a company called Halfshare, is offering you the chance to get a fractional ownership in upscale second, or vacation homes. So if you’re looking to own a second home on a sandy beach somewhere, but you can’t come up with the scratch to own it all yourself, you can now share it with some other family. (And you won’t even have to pay extra for the pair of underwear mom leaves in the top drawer of your bedroom.)

Again, neither of these ideas are rocket-science — but that’s exactly my point. You don’t need to be a rocket-scientist to come up with a good idea. You just… need… to be alert and awake.

Pay attention to what’s going on out there and be open-minded and clever enough to recognize a good idea for what it is, and then clever enough to be able to adapt it to your own business.


The very BEST place you can find ideas — GOOD SOLID ideas — is by hanging around with other sharp people who have LOADS of them on their own. And the best place to do this is in my Mastermind Group.

Our next meeting will be taking place at the end of this month, here in beautiful sunny Tampa, on the 27th and 28th of September. If you would like to apply for membership (and I DO mean apply — I have both rejected applications, AND thrown out members, so this is FAR from a “scarcity” ploy here), then check out what’s involved right here:

Oh, and by the way — I am now offering fractional ownership of my hall closet. Contact my office if you are interested.

Now go sell something, Craig

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