Why Conventional Advertising Doesnt Work

3 Reasons why conventional ads consistently fail:

Today, 3 Reasons why conventional ads consistently fail.

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There are 3 primary reasons why conventional advertising fails and why direct response advertising is far more effective.

1. Conventional advertising talks too much about you, the advertiser, and not enough about what you can do for your customer or client

Bluntly, your prospects could care less about you – they don’t know you and on top of this, you’re trying to get money from them.

It’s like meeting someone at a party, or a dinner gathering – and their favorite subject is themselves.

I’ve met people like this, and I know you have, as well. And I don’t know how you feel, but I’m kind of allergic to them. I’ll just get up and leave, or I’ll smile and then walk away from the conversation without saying a word.

Most of the time, they won’t even notice because people like this are so self-absorbed it’s not even funny.

Well, imagine if… after 5 minutes of having to deal with someone like this – the person would suddenly turn around and say to you, “By the way… I need a favor from you, buddy. I’m moving tomorrow and I can sure use some help. Can you come over about 10:30 and start shlepping boxes with me?”

Well, as irritating and obnoxious as this is… it’s kind of the same thing when an advertiser spends all that time talking about themself, and then turns around and expects you to give them money

You an see how bad this is, when you look at it from this point, right?

Sure, you bet.

2. Conventional advertising’t focuses on what your product or service “is” — instead of focusing on what it “does”.

In other words, sell the solution, not the ingredients.

Selling a teeth-whitening system?

Dwell on all the embarrasment your system is going to eliminate, not on all the gunk you’re going to have to put on your teeth every night before you go to bed.

Remember, the best sales people are problem-solvers, not pitchmen.

3. And lastly, don’t hide your flaws — because we’ve all got ’em

Instead, if there’s a weakness in your product or service – or even in your business in general, expose it, and explain it.

Your prospects will trust you a LOT more for being so forthcoming. And since trust is nine-tenths of the battle – you’ll be off to a great start.

Conventional advertising never deals with things like this – it ignores it, like a parent ignoring teen drug use.

Anyway, keep these things in mind, and have a great week.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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