25 Ways to write an order (response) form

Order forms are like good-night kisses after a first date.

Set ’em up properly, and all that hard work you did in the sale, pays off in spades.

Screw ’em up… and you get sent home with your tail wagging in between your legs.

Now I’m NOT a big believer in the conventional wisdom that says “You shouldn’t call your order forms an ‘Order Form,’ because people don’t want to be reminded they’re spending money.”

That’s like saying…

“People don’t want to be reminded their getting metal objects stuck in their mouth while their in the dentist’s office, so let’s call it an ‘Oral Workshop’ instead of a Dentist’s office.

I mean… even if you’re dealing with the STUPIDEST consumers in the world (any idea who those are?), if people are submitting their cc information… it’s a pretty good bet they know they’re spending money.

BUT… the reason you DON’T want to call it an “order form,” is the same reason why, after you eat a good meal, the waiter brings your bill in a small billfold with a slot for your card… instead of shouting at you from across the restaurant, while he’s standing at the cash register, “Hey, do you have a credit card to pay for this?”

Meaning… there are ways of offering a more congruent, and a much better experience, than simply saying “Order Form.”

“Order Form” isn’t something you experience, it’s a cold, stoic sales hallway you walk down, and no one looks forward to this, right?

No, of course not.

Not to mention, it’s not exactly the most creative thing you can say, either. Is it?

Again, “No.” You’re not going to win any imagination awards for “order form.”

So let’s take a look at 25 different options you can use, instead of calling it an Order Form. And by the way, this goes for online OR offline, of course.

1. XYZ Product (or Service) Free Trial Certificate (like the photo on today’s blog post)

2. Acceptance Form

3. Complete This Form & Your Package Will Be Rushed Out To You IMMEDIATELY!

(see, you don’t even have to call it a ‘form’ OR a ‘certificate’ at all, if you don’t want to)

4. Discount Certificate

5. Fast-Action Form

6. Enrollment Form

7. Application

8. 180-Day Free Examination Form

9. Lifetime Guarantee Examination Form

10. Special 13th Anniversary Offer

11. Free Examination Certificate

12. Free Gift Request Form

13. Free 180-Day Trial Reservation

14. Introductory Offer

15. Limited Offer Request

16. Let Me Try Your “XYZ” For 30 Days

17. No-Risk Form

18. Money Savings Certificate

19. No-Risk Special Offer Form

20. No-Risk Free Examination Form

21. No-Risk Free Test Drive

22. 90 Day No-Risk Form

23. Easy Access Form

24. Immediate Access Form

25. Reserve My Spot Without Any Obligation

That’s a LOT, right?

Sure. In fact, depending on what you’re selling, you can probably use these exact names, or slightly modified versions of these names, for the rest of your life… and not run out of ideas. So…

Have fun with ’em.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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