This is going to be too deep for some people. How about you?

This past weekend my family and I went out to the Plant City Strawberry Festival. Plant City is a small town along the path of progress, about 20 miles east of Tampa. I’m not sure where Plant City ranks as far as Strawberry production nation-wide, but I believe it’s one of the biggest producers of strawberries on the east coast.

Funny, a lot of people think tourism is Florida’s number one industry economically (think “the mouse”), but it’s actually agriculture and farming. Tourism is number two.

It’s always strange for me going out to a place where there are so many people, since I spend most of my time working at home up in my office, and outside of the gym, I’m really not around too many “crowds” at any given time.

What’s also funny is how I feel totally at ease walking through Times Square or Washington Square Park in the heart of New York City, but not quite as at ease at the Plant City Strawberry Festival, which is clearly nowhere near as chaotic and hectic as Times Square.

Which just goes to show you that it’s all about what you’re used to. THIS is your norm, even if it’s not as good for you. In other words people will sooner stay in a bad situation (fill in the blanks: relationship, job, friendship, parenting dynamics — whatever), than get out of their comfort zone to “fix” things, even if they KNOW it’s good for them.

It’s almost like, better the devil known, than the devil unknown — but in this case, the unknown devil isn’t unknown, it’s just un-comfortable.

In fact, I was talking about just this thing with a good friend of mine over the weekend. See, the thing is, we’re ALL afraid of something, no matter what level you’re at. The only thing different that separates successful people from the rest, is that we consistently DO these things we’re afraid of, and get through them.

We know the ONLY way to achieve something, is to become comfortable in the “doing” of the uncomfortable. Then, once you get through it, your comfort zone sort of gets “re-set” to this new level, letting you tackle the next “big thing” on your scale up the mountain. (I told you this was going to be too deep for some folks.)

I’m not immune to any of these fears, anxieties, or doubts, either. The only difference is I expect, and actually welcome them, because I know once I kick down the door in front of me, the next door after this, is going to be even better.

The unsuccessful person rationalizes their lack of performance, or should I say, their lack of “DOING” the next BIG thing, by accepting their current status quo as being “good enough” for them. The problem with this is, “good” is a relative term based only on what you know. Success is about being good at the next big thing — the benefits of which, you CAN’T actually “know,” until you’re there.

Promise yourself you’re going to do just ONE thing you weren’t planning on doing this week, because it’s been making you feel uncomfortable or awkward, and then reward yourself with the benefits of whatever breakthrough it leads you to.

Then tell me what you did so I can publish it in the next offline issue of my Seductive Selling Newsletter –

Tomorrow I won’t be so deep. I’ll be very shallow since I’m anxiously awaiting for Borat to be released on DVD and I’ve already ordered my copy from

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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