Oscar The Yellow Grouch

I’ll give you more on my bonefishing report next week, but right now, I just thought of something and I was wondering if you remembered this.

Do you remember that guy on Sesame Street called Oscar The Grouch? He lived in a garbage can and had a pet worm called Slimey? Remember now?

You know, in season one, Oscar was originally yellow… and then he was orange… and then they turned him green. No wonder why that guy was so freaking grouchy. Imagine if you changed colors every season, completely outside of your control.

Well, here’s a slice of trivia you probably don’t know: Oscar was actually modeled after an obnoxious waiter who worked at Oscar’s Tavern in New York City, back in 1969 (Obnoxious waiter in New York City — you’re shocked, right?).

It’s true! I remember when Sesame Street came on TV — it was revolutionary at the time. Great stuff really.

Look, I don’t really have very much to say today, except this: Don’t ever regret anything you don’t do. Make plenty of mistakes and make adjustments afterwards, but never EVER make the mistake of NOT doing something you should do.

I’m having the time of my life here in the Caribbean, enjoying my family and making up for some lost time with each of them — especially my sons. And if I wasn’t willing to get out of my comfort zone and completely put my business on hold for a week, I’d have never got to experience this.

And that is something I would have regretted for the rest of my life.

And the good thing about getting out of your comfort zone is, if you’re a little nutty like me — you only need to do it once, and from there on in, it’s “normal.”

In fact, I can’t tell you how I’m writing this, and how I’m getting this message to you (I will spill the beans in my OFFLINE newsletter next month), but I didn’t even bring my PC OR my cell phone along with me on this vacation!

I’m not working at all! Instead, I’m lying on the beach doing nothing!

And I certainly do NOT regret this either. I’m out!

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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