Monday Sucks, here are three ways to escape:

Let’s face it, Monday’s suck, especially if you’ve had a great weekend immediately before. So today’s message is going to be short, sweet, and heartwarming — bringing you lots of education with a very entertaining bent.

First, a number of people had lots of kind words for my son when they saw this article about him. If you want to see the human spirit in top form, read it now:

Second, I wanted again to encourage you to listen to the completely FREE interview I’ve posted on my site at

I’ve received a NUMBER of comments on this interview, including this one from Tony Crofts over in the UK: “Just recently the online marketing trend seems to be do a video to pretend to give some stuff away for your upcoming product. Most of them talk in very general terms and give out what is taught in just about anybody’s first marketing lesson. e.g. “What you need to do is build a list then use Adwords” Then you buy my latest secret formula product.

In your interview with Christian Godefroy, that I just watched, you gave away very very important stuff that I’ve NEVER heard in marketing lessons in the 7 years or so I’ve been following marketing. For starters, I now know why I like you and your stuff so much. The fact I now know that makes me like you even more I might add. What you said about how to write regular emails is exactly how yours come over to me. Which is why I keep reading them. I now know how all of your products and services are structured and the pricing of them and why. Others have talked in general terms about things like that but not so specific. Great information. I have heard Peter Thomson say that product prices should be high so the information is valued and acted upon. I have never been so riveted by an interview like that before. Real specific useful information that’s definitely worth a lot.

I see they are saying in some quarters “Who will be the next Gary Halbert?” (As if there ever could be a replacement) For me you are the natural successor to Mr Halbert’s throne. Lets face it, you’re already The King, so a king should have a throne. Plus you learnt part of your trade from the master himself and his attitude and his aptitude are magnified in you as far as I can see.

I guess that this is really just a fan letter to say thank you so very much for the interview. Thanks and best wishes.”

Again, listen to that interview, right here:

And since I also got a number of comments about the fishing video I posted last week, here’s yet another video:

Now go sell something, Craig

P. S. After you watch this video, and listen to the interview, make sure you join the conversation by letting me know what you think. Simply leave a comment below today’s entry:

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