Last day to get your hands on this: Ouch! (+ new video!)

Today’s the last day to get your hands on this month’s issue of the Seductive Selling offline newsletter. Here’s what you’re missing out on:

• 9 pages of marketing examples, critiques and re-writes!
• Why the third time really IS a charm! (This one isn’t what you’re thinking, either.)
• The biggest mistake people make when they write sales copy — by putting the cart before the horse. (An unusually profound example of this is also provided in Example 1)
• 6 examples of using emotions to sell even the most boring and mundane product (Shoes, of all things!) If you can use these emotions to sell shoes, Lord KNOWS you can use them to sell what you’re offering!
• A critical mistake that commonly happens when you THINK you’re taking advantage of your competitions momentum, and… how to avoid making it!
• How to create a bullet-proof fence around your marketing that’s tighter than anything even Homeland Security could offer!
• A simple and formulaic way of making any business appear far more important than it really is! This technique is so effective it can be used in literally darn-near every industry out there. (on page 3)
• 11 Questions you’d better ask yourself before you sit down and write your next ad. The answers to these questions are mandatory if you’re interested in getting only the RIGHT people to respond. For instance… WHY should your prospects listen to you?… and Why should they take ANY action at all? Make SURE you get your hands on this issue NOW, to get the other 9!
• On page 4, you’ll see the most common business strategy in existence and why it’s never going to give you anything more than “common” results!
• Have I turned over a new leaf? Apparently so — a poignant piece about my ex-wife!
• THE Golden Rule that tells you with 100% certainty, whether or not you should keep something in your sales copy, or… if you should eliminate it.
• The new column, Little-Known Copywriting Secrets From The King’s Treasure Chest: This month, How to write to ONE individual reader, and why! (This is for people who are really concerned with writing good sales copy, only.)
• An actual case study from a member of my Mavericks Coaching Group: From ZERO to $150K in revenues in a few short months — and… that’s just from the first mailing!
• Cool URL’s!
• And … much much more!

To get your hands on this issue, simply take the free 30-day test-drive right here, AND get 15 free bonus gifts thrown in, just for taking this test-drive:

Oh, one more thing, and it’s important: I was recently at a seminar talking to one of my offline newsletter subscribers, and he passed some valuable information along to me. One of the comments he said was that it’s hard to tell, in today’s day and age, where there are so many charlatans out there, whether the 15 bonuses I am giving out as incentives to take a free test-drive of my newsletter, are REALLY worth what I say they are worth.

So, to eliminate any confusion and clarify, and so you know exactly what you’re getting, I created a video and posted it to the web page where the Newsletter is listed.

Just click on the “see video below” in the headline, and you’ll be taken to it, straight away. You’ll find it right here:

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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