How to sell using big bold claims.

In yesterday’s e-mail we talked about the pulling power of this headline:

“Give Me 5 Days And I’ll Give You A Magnetic Personality. Let Me Prove It — FREE!”

Today we’re going to talk about the opening paragraph of this display ad, and tomorrow we’ll talk about the close, which I think is one of the most effective closes I’ve ever read, actually. Here’s how that ad opened:

“I can so magnetize your personality that people will be drawn to you at once, irresistibly.

I can make you a magnet of human attraction so that you are popular everywhere, in any society.

I can show you how to use the amazing principle of magnetic control to win quick and conspicuous success in your business or profession.

I can place in your hands the key to supreme power and happiness — give you a great new confidence in yourself — overcome almost at once any timidity or self-consciousness you may have.

I can give you a glorious magnetic personality so that you can influence the minds of others, attract people to you instantly, be popular and well-liked, wherever you go!”

That’s incredible isn’t it? 121 short, compelling words that stir a very wide range of emotions.

In an e-mail like this, it’s hard to deconstruct all the various components of this as, so let’s talk about just a few.

First, you’ll notice that each line makes an ever-increasingly bolder and louder claim. If you want to arouse curiosity on any level, you’ve got to make claims that get your prospects aroused and involved. This is something almost anyone in any business can use. Like the headline formula we reviewed yesterday, this is quite formulaic as well.

Second, the use of words here implies that you don’t have to do much work. Notice, for example, how it says “people will be drawn to you at once” and not “you will be able to attract anyone.”

See, the first phrase is passive — you literally don’t have to do anything. The second phrase, even though it’s appealing, has some level of work implied in it. Whenever you are selling, removing the burden of work from your buyers shoulders and placing it onto the lap of your product or service, lowers resistance to the sale.

And lastly, you’ll notice how there are specific benefits mentioned. The writer of this ad doesn’t just make claims, he lets you know how you will specifically benefit from them. So for instance, by using his product you wlil “Influence the minds of others… attract people (which is different from “you will be able to attract people”)… be popular and well-liked… overcome self-consciousness…”

You see, THIS is a great ad. And yes, you do have to get anal-retentive over your use of words when you write, if you want to be as effective as possible. Mediocrity doesn’t cost much, excellence usually does.

Most people think that when they see something smoothly written, that you just cranked it out and pulled it out of your ass like a whiff of air.

Not true at all. Good copy takes a ton of mental intensity to develop (which is why, most people can’t do it, frankly), and even more intensity to edit and polish off. And that’s assuming you’re creative enough in the first place to come up with the right strategy and sink the right “hooks” in, deep enough.

Remember though, in any art or skill you practice, it’s usually the small details that bring you from good to great. It is much easier to go from 75% to 88%, than it is to go from 97% to 98%.

Now as if you aren’t confused enough already, there IS a problem selling using bold claims only, but the writer of this ad handles this in his closing. And that is what we’ll look at, the next time we pick up this discussion on Monday.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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