Here Is The Critical Difference Between Selling And Marketing:

For some folks this may not make any sense — many people think “selling” and marketing are one in the same, but this is NOT the case. You see selling has to do with things like “closing” itself, or positioning yourself for the close. Selling involves pro-active effort, is sometimes confrontational, and you often have to “work” to sell.

As an example, you often think of making a “sales presentation”, or a “sales close” as part of conventional “selling.”

Now marketing, on the other hand… marketing has to do with “attracting” someone to get in front of you — either in person, or in “theory” as an entry into some part of your sales funnel. And the odd thing about marketing is that the tougher you make it to get into your funnel, the less “selling” … or closing… or convincing… or any other kind of pushy and unnatural stuff you have to do.

So in effect, oddly enough, the more work you make your PROSPECT do to qualify to get “in,” in the first place… the less work (or, the less “selling”) YOU have to do on the back end to close the deal.

Now me — I’d rather be a hard opener than a hard closer. I’d rather let my prospects do all the work. Plus, who likes “closing,” which IS somewhat confrontational, when you can simply do the equivalent of just watching your prospects walk to the back of the room to drop off their order form?

Mastering this, and knowing how to subtly massage your prospects behaviors here is VERY important. It’s called “positioning” and it’s often THE single difference between being able to command respect and charge a small fortune, and being honest and ethical, yet broke and struggling forever.

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