Do You Have Your "False Ass" On?

Penelope Cruz recently wrapped up production of a movie called Volver. It’s an emotionally charged gut-wrenching movie about child abuse.

In the movie, Cruz plays the mother of a teenage girl who is being abused by her step-father, Cruz’s husband. Cruz, a strikingly good-looking woman, had to wear a “false ass” to make her look more believable in her role.

My question is, when it comes to marketing, are you wearing your “false ass” to make YOU more believable.

Now don’t confused here. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t be truthful or genuine when you’re speaking to your customers and prospects. All I’m saying is that there are certain things you MUST do, that dramatically increase your believability. (And don’t get believability confused with “credibility” — the two are VERY different.)

Here are a few things you can do to boost your believability in your marketing. “False ass” shortcuts, if you will:

  1. Use testimonials. I can’t tell you how many people send me marketing that doesn’t have a testimonial in it. If you don’t have any testimonials, then give a bunch of your products away for free, just to get them. And don’t just use any old half-assed testimonial. If you want to see the RIGHT way to use testimonials, just look at the web page for my Seductive Selling Newsletter, right here:
  2. Show PROOF! of what you’re doing. People want results, baby, so make sure you show them. I recently had lunch with one of my members I met at a seminar, and he told me there were many reasons why he wanted to buy my Seductive Selling System, but the one thing that pushed him over the edge, was the actual display ad I showed in the sales letter itself. This, beyond anything else, let him know I could deliver results. You can see that display ad on this webpage here:
  3. Remove the risk from whatever it is you’re selling! Make your guarantees big and bold. Along those same lines, I’ve just increased my guarantee on my Seductive Selling System from 90 days to 180 days. Why have I done this? The answer is simple, the system is selling like hot-cakes and I am receiving GLOWING, unsolicited testimonials. When events like this are happening, you know you’ve got a winner on your hands, and giving a guarantee like this is a no-brainer. Again, you can see those guarantees right here:

There are several other techniques you can use, but for now, these should be enough to get you started. Take a look at how I’ve positioned each of these strategies in my sales copy on the pages I referred you to and see what you can do to improve your own marketing using these ideas.

Now go sell something, Craig

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