A scary message (for most people) about leverage.

Just to let you know, you probably aren’t going to be hearing too much from me between now and January 7th — I’m winding down the year, and what a very busy year it’s been.

After the first of the New Year, I’ll be making a few changes in my business, and in some of my products, so stay tuned for these announcements. Hopefully, from your perspective, you’ll find them changes for the better.

In general, these changes will only apply though, to the “maybe” 20% of the people on this list who will ultimately do something with this information, by investing in themselves through my products. NOT the 80% who won’t ever do a thing, and are here freeloading — foolishly thinking that if they just “listen” to enough of what I have to say, something magical will happen.

I’ve got news for you: magic only happens at tradeshows and on television. So if you are banking on anything resembling “magic”… “miracles”… “hope”… or “destiny” to make your business any different — in this case, you could subscribe to every single e-mail list on the internet, and nothing will ever happen. If this is you, you are wasting your time reading my blog or e-zine, or anyone else’s. You are far better off just sitting around playing video games, drinking, reading, eating, or watching dirty movies. You’ll get the same end result in your business, but at least you won’t be wasting your time or deceiving yourself, AND you’ll be doing what you really like to do. (If this were me, I’d smoke cigars, read books, and go fishing.)

Now the GOOD thing about being a freeloader, is that since you never pay for anything, and since your investment in yourself is close to zero, you get to be very selective in what you hear and what you listen to.

It’s called “selective denial” or “selective hearing.”

When you’re investing money in advice, you tend to take it. When you get it free all the time — you fall back on the “I get what I pay for” adage, and tend to judge anything that doesn’t feel “comfortable,” as being incorrect, when in fact, what makes you feel uncomfortable is usually the exact thing you need to do.

So with that in mind, I would bet my house on the fact that many people will delete today’s missive as fast as they read it — burying the words deep in their mental garbage pail, as if they were a scary memory they don’t want to re-live.

And that’s because for most of these folks, this is exactly what today’s message will be: too scary for them to deal with.

Anyway, not to get too caught up in my rant, today I want to talk about leverage.

Last night, we had our monthly coaching call for my Mavericks Group (you can find information about this program at http://www.kingofcopy.com/mavericks), and one of the members, who’s been slowly but steadily making progress, bit by bit… move by move, recently took my advice and hired someone to take over from doing some of the dirty work he was doing himself.

This is called “leverage,” and it is the opposite of “working stupid.” See, most people think working “hard” means THEY are working hard. And although there’s no getting around you having to work hard to get anywhere, there is absolutely zero leverage in ONLY you working hard. What you want to do, is have other people working hard FOR you, and in this, you will find the leverage you need, to move you forward.

Think about it, if you are doing all the work, all the time… then how can your time (and the amount of cash that flows into your account), ever increase in value? If you’re doing all the administrative crap… fixing your website… licking the stamps… and doing all the other lower level work you can pay someone else to do, how can you ever create higher value for your own time?

Yes, I know — most people will say, “work more hours — do the mundane low-paying stuff after you finish the higher valued stuff.” But if that’s your answer, wouldn’t you still rather be working more hours on tasks that will bring you GREATER money, instead of tasks that will bring you less money?

You still haven’t solved the problem of your time being spent on low level tasks, unless you get other folks to do these things for you.

The formula for business is simple: What you put in, comes out. What you reap, you sow.

If you sow creative seeds that are unique and highly valued, your crops will be rich and prolific, sweet and tasty.

However, if you sow 10-dollar an hour seeds, the only thing you will sow and be prolific at, is growing weeds. And ultimately, too many weeds strangle the few healthy plants remaining.

The choice is yours.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. If you are one of these people who I described — either you’re afraid to make the leap of faith and give yourself leverage in your business, or… you’re banking on “magic” or “hope” to make your successful, then you need to read the NEW version of The Science Of Getting Rich. I’ve re-published this book, which is SO good, I re-read it myself once each year, around this time as a matter of fact. You’ll also find out some very revealing secrets in there about my own personal story, and I think this will be somewhat inspirational for you. If you haven’t read it, I will promise you it is the best $9.97 you will spend this year, and you can find it at http://www.kingofcopy.com/science

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