You never get hit by the bus you saw coming

Today I want to talk about the cold hard truth why some folks won’t ever be able to connect (and sell) to anyone.

See, life’s funny. Some days you’ll just be cruising along when all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, something unexpected gets dumped into your lap that turns your world upside down.

But let me tell you an odd quirk of nature about this. Those folks who consistently handle stuff like this, are actually the ones who are going to be able to sell more effectively.

Sounds strange, but here’s why: see, what’s critical to your ability to sell and to connect — over and above everything else — is your ability to understand people.

Remember how I said the other day, that “hype” isn’t the way to connect?

Well, the way you do connect is by being sympathetic. By having insight into what’s disturbing your prospects and what’s going to make them feel better.

And reality is, when you’ve had a hard time of things yourself… when you’ve had to make loads of adjustments to just plain old living… that means by default you personally have had a need for understanding and sympathy yourself.

And if you’ve had this need yourself, if you have any kind of common sense, that means you can also see that need in others.

This is truly empowering and gives you the all the skills you need to sell whatever the heck you want.


So remember, you never get hit by the bus you saw coming. That’s why you want to make sure you always look both ways when you’re crossing — and when you’re not.

Now go sell something, Craig

P.S. GONE AFTER MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! I received a great e-mail the other day from Ron Pippin out of Ogden, Utah:

“I related well to your recent issue of Seductive Selling about how time flies by and (how) we can’t get that back. Kids grow up faster than we ever think. And before you know it they are gone.

Our work is important but can never replace our families. So, off Sandy and I went to give her a little “chill” time.

Guess, what? My work was till there when I got back. Imagine that?

Thanks Craig! Love the work you are doing.”

Find out what Ron was talking about at – but you only have until midnight tonight to get this issue — after that, it’s gone forever…


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