Why people buy, why customers and clients respond… and why they don't:

Wow, we had so much rain here over the last few days, it’s incredible.

My lake has gone up close to 24 inches in the last four days alone!  There was a tornado watch here, and I must admit, while the wind wasn’t anywhere nearly as bad as I thought it would be… the rain was FAR worse.

We’ve needed rain here, though, so I really can’t complain.  We’ve been in an on-again, off-again drought, over the last few years, so you have to take it while you can, right?

Yeah, of course.

You know, one thing I forgot to mention, was… I recently accomplished a goal I set, earlier on this year.

I wanted to “move” or do some kind of cardio work, for at least 30 minutes, for 100 days in a row.  I haven’t missed many days this year, but I did have a few misses early on.  And even if you only miss one day out of twenty… you still have to start over, for your consecutive count.

Well, a couple of Saturdays ago, I hit my 100th day in a row, and that was pretty cool.

The good thing is, probably half these days, were just nice long walks I took, mostly with my wife.  So now we’ve developed an enjoyable “habit” we both look forward to.

Right now, it’s pretty hot here, so most of our cardio is taking place in the gym, but towards the end of the summer, I know we’ll be back out there because we both enjoy it, and miss it.

I have to say, this is one of the few “resolution-type” of promises I’ve ever made — and actually stuck with.

I mention this because I discussed this idea, just after the new year, and I wanted some closure.  Plus, I didn’t want you to think I “forgot” about it, especially since I made myself accountable  :-)

Okey dokey, so let’s talk briefly today, about… Why people respond to you.

I’m not referring to why people respond to your offers, or why they sign up to your list… I’m talking about the big, global issue of “why people respond,” in the first place.

There are two big reasons, and virtually ONLY these two reasons:

1.  Self-interest

No one takes time out to do anything, unless one very specific thing is present: some kind of self-interest.

You have to be offering some kind of an answer to the “What’s in it for me?” question.

No self-interest, no attention.

And frankly, this is like gravity – it’s always present and there’s absolutely NOTHING you can do, to control or influence or avoid this.

It’s why everyone does anything, including why some people DO and Do NOT take care of their children they way they ought to.

2.  You’ve made them curious about something relevant to #1

That’s it, period.

If you haven’t done both of these things, together… people will NOT respond, simple as that.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to sell something… trying to get a date for Friday night… trying to make love to your wife… or trying to get your kid’s attention.

So next time, before worrying about “What do I need to say, to sell this thing?”… you need to first think about, “What’s relevant that I can offer, to get my buyer’s attention?”

Got it?


Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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