When a benefit is most definitely NOT a benefit

I don’t know where you live, but for me down here in Tampa, summer has definitely arrived. The temperature’s going to be just slightly north of 90 today, and in another two weeks or so the humidity’s going to arrive with it.

The good thing about that is, the lake I live on is also heating up, so when I swim at night after work with my kids, it’s really comfortable and you can’t get enough of it. And that’s a HUGE benefit of living on a lake.

Today I want to talk more about benefits, or… what you think are benefits but really aren’t.

See, a benefit isn’t a benefit until and unless you make it one.

So for example, being able to make payments on a purchase is a definite benefit but only when you say so. Meaning, letting your buyer know they can may 3 EZ payments is “nice,” but letting them know “when you take our 3 EZ pay option, you’ll have your investment in X returned before your final payment is even due!” is a benefit.

Make sense?

Here, let’s go over one more. Let’s say you’re selling something via direct mail and you’re offering a bonus if they order before the date stamped in red.

That bonus suddenly becomes a lot more valuable if you let your buyers know what this bonus product does for you, and how much it’s worth.

So where most people might say something like, “Order before the date stamped in red and we’ll also include our new ‘Fish Forever!’ DVD”… there’s really no benefit to this, when you think about it.


However, something like this might do the trick for you: “This bonus (which normally sells for $X) shows you 11 ways to use plastic bait to catch more fish in murky water… in lakes with an overabundance of vegetation… and even in spring-fed lakes that are so clear you can see straight through to the bottom.”

See how this makes more sense and gives people more of an incentive to order from you?


Remember, a benefit isn’t a benefit until you make it one.

Now go sell something, Craig

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