What you want? Baby I got it. What you need? Don't matter…

With little exception, no one “needs” any of the crap you or me or anyone else is selling.

I don’t need the next pair of Nike’s I’m going to buy this week, I want them. In fact, I could just as easy spend one-fourth and get a pair of old Chuck Connors Converse trainers, but I WANT the Nike’s.

All too often, you forget why your prospects are really buying whatever it is you got. (nice English, I know)

See, people buy things because they want them, not because they need them. No one NEEDS Mickey D’s, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know this. And no one NEEDS to eat chicken wings at Hooters, either.

And so on.

Get my point?

People buy things they want to buy, and usually they want things because of some kind of momentary or long-term emotional thrills it gives them to own whatever it is you’re selling.

For instance, wearing sneakers that feel comfortable and look good makes me feel a sense of pride about myself when I’m wearing them. It also sends out a signal that tells people I am concerned how I look and maybe even in the kind of (perceived) shape I’m in — which is a vanity emotional pull.

And see, this is why most inventors are broke. They fall in love with an invention because of what the invention can do for humanity, when they should be thinking “Gee, is this what my prospects want?”

Portable machines that remove grease from hamburgers and fast food… tanning lotion that minimizes the amount of the sun’s damage to your skin, but also reduces the intensity of your tan… no one wants these things.

People want sloppy greasy burgers that taste good, and they want to lay out under the sun and become bronze Gods and Goddesses.

It all starts with what your prospect wants. Keep that in mind the next time you’re looking to sell or market something. How you feel about what you’re selling is as irrelevant as the price of phlegm on the open market.

How your prospects feel is everything.

Now go sell something, Craig

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