Three reasons to ignore your weaknesses:

There are two schools of thought about strengths and weaknesses.

One says, if you work on your weaknesses, you’ll be so complete, you’ll be unstoppable.

The other says, work on your strengths and have someone else do the things you either don’t particularly enjoy or the things you’re simply not that good at.

I will tell you without a doubt, working on your weaknesses is one of the most foolish things you can do. It is not only unproductive, but it costs you money and time. Here, let’s take a closer look:

One, when you focus on your weaknesses, you’re always going to be in a state of conflict and dissatisfaction with yourself. And nothing is more of a crushing blow to your self-esteem and feelings of accomplishment, than feeling dissatisfied with yourself and your performance.

I’m not saying to stick your head in the sand and ignore your weaknesses, I’m just saying that focusing on them isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Two, the amount of time you will spend trying to get better at something you’re simply not good at, is time you have wasted working on something else you’re extremely good at. Would you rather spend 3 hours doing your landscaping, for example, when you’re not particularly good at it, or would you rather spend 3 hours writing sales copy or doing something else you thrive on?

Which of those two activities makes you feel better and allows you to accomplish more?

And lastly, the by-product of what we just talked about basically comes down to opportunity cost. How much would it cost you to hire someone to do that landscaping, or pressure-washing, or whatever — versus how much you can make applying yourself to the things you’re good at?

This just comes down to pure common sense and a willingness and open-mindedness to do things differently. And doing things differently is the ONLY way to shift your income, and your mindset, upwards.

Plus, life’s too short to do the things you don’t like. And since you’re in control of your own life, why would you make yourself do things any other way?

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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