This pulled me out of the last recession.

Today I’m buried writing this month’s Seductive Selling Newsletter, but I wanted to pass something along to you that helped me greatly back in 2000, the last time the stock market fell apart and the world’s economy went to Hell in a handbasket.

I was very depressed at the time, and to say I was scared about the future, would be an understatement.

However, the reality of business and being an entrepreneur is that you’re going to have good times and bad times.

That’s it.

Sometimes these ups and downs are dictated by the economy, and other times, shit just happens. That’s just the nature of business and it’s never going to change. Like family and health, some things are out of your control, no matter how much you try and take care of them.

Anyway, there’s a very good book called The Science Of Getting Rich, which really allowed me to understand how the universe works and what our role is, in all these things I’m talking about.

It also allowed me, for the first time, to understand and appreciate what things like “success,” and “competition,” really mean. Because I was dead wrong about my thinking in both of these areas.

And unfortunately, not having a healthy perspective, held me back for far too long. Much longer than I deserved, and that in turn held my family back as well. They certainly didn’t deserve that either, for sure.

I now have the rights to republish The Science Of Getting Rich, and in the forward of my published copy, I share a story with you about some of the darkest days I had to deal with, and how I managed to pull through them.

If the recession or business in general, has been disturbing you, I encourage you to get your hands on this book. I re-read it every year (usually around the holidays, as a matter of fact) simply because it helps get my head right, and it’s so easy, you knock it off in one sitting.

It was the best 10 bucks I ever spent, and I’m betting it’ll be the best $10 bucks you spend as well. So grab your copy right here, and remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn:

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. The story I share with you in the book, is 100% true, and if I managed to get through that, you too, can get through anything. Listen for yourself at

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