Things you might not know about niching your business

One of the big popular “things you’re supposed to do,” is to “niche” your business.

Since there are so many misconceptions about this, I thought it would be helpful to clarify a number of these things, and perhaps dispel the myths about them.

Nothing like a little clarity every now and then, so here goes:

First of all, you don’t “have” to go into a niche business in order to make money. For example, I’m a generalist in one of my businesses (, market-wise… but what I do is incredibly specialized. (emotional direct-response copywriting and marketing strategies)

My other business, ( offers a specialized service (marketing and lead generation) to a specialized niche (Loan Officers). And in fact, even within the niche group of loan officers, we have a specialized niched marketing area — currently an ARMs refinancing program, next up on deck, reverse mortgages. As opposed to just “homeowners.”

But what most people get confused about, is that you don’t necessarily have to be a “niche” business, per se . What you want to have, is niched marketing.

So for instance, if you handle lots of people who are divorced, your knee-jerk reaction might be to specialize in working with “divorced families.” (Oxymoron?)

But the smarter thing to do would be to create two different marketing programs — one specifically geared towards divorced men… and the other towards divorced women. This way you can basically use the same system, and with relatively minor tweaks in processes and in your communication, tailor your messages to really connect with each of the unique people in both of these “niches.”

See, the closer you get to addressing the most important problems and wants of each individual prospect you’re working with, the greater your perceived value to them is.

Make sense?

Just look at it this way: if you’re a parent, do you want to live in a great family neighborhood, or just a great neighborhood?

One word, big difference.

But remember, it’s these little one-word subtleties in life, that separate good from great.

So go get ’em.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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