The Problem With "Sales Training"

I first got into sales back in 1989. I’d just “done” my 3 years time with a (then) Big 6 accounting firm, and I’d had enough. Being a CPA isn’t just boring, it’s very black and white. Yes or no, fact or fiction.

And I don’t know about you, but through my eyes, the world is many things, but it’s a lot more grey, than black-and-white, that’s for sure.

When I started my first sales job as a headhunter, they handed me a bunch of cards and said, “Start calling.”

At my second sales job they taught me a lot about the “technical aspect” of what I did — encouraged me to get all sorts of advanced licenses and certifications (which I did), and then told me to “be persistent” in finding business. “Call your friends”… “Call anyone you know.”

Yeah, right.

In my third sales job, I had a boss who was a REAL loser. One of these frustrated kinds of guys who never got enough attention from his father or something, so he’d come to work and try and take it out on us newbies.

He used to run around saying I was “tainted” because I’d been divorced. Poetic justice came swiftly on this one though, when a few years later he caught his wife banging her Latin gym trainer.

I guess “tainting” gets its way around, every now-and-again.

His savvy sales training consisted of giving me the names of a few list brokers so I could buy names and start “dialing for dollars.” I made literally 400 cold calls weekly — that was all I could take.

With training like this, it’s no wonder there’s something like an 82% attrition rate in the life insurance industry after 2 or 3 years.

But the problem with most sales training, is that it’s very very week. You’re taught how to sell, as if selling is “work”.

Selling, when done properly IS work — but… it’s much more “passive” work than you think.

What you should be studying instead of selling, is “attracting.” Because it is FAR FAR better to attract business to you, then chase it down — and far more profitable.

And THIS is the secret of selling that few people know, or care to understand. It’s too difficult and too unconventional.

The old “Always Be Closing” sales mentality, sucks. It’s frustrating, difficult, and obnoxious.

Now what I want you to do, is keep your eyes opened — after Thanksgiving, I’m going to be delivering my final — AND my best teleseminar of the year. I’ll show you how to sell, regardless of what you do, in such a way so that instead of “pushing,” “prodding,” and “chasing” customers down, you’re sitting back there on your own throne — yes, like a king — and they’re coming to you.

I’m flying off to Philly today, to take Jim Canale’s Real Estate seminar. It’s about time I figure out what to do with all this money I’m making, and I know no one better than Jim, to clue me in on this. He is literally one of the sharpest guys I know.

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Now be a big boy (or girl) and go sell something, Craig Garber

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