The color of money. And what it has in common with dogs.

Unlike people, money and dogs don’t discriminate.

They don’t care whether you’re black, white, or Asian… where you came from… what kind of an upbringing you had, or what your parents did for a living.

Money doesn’t care what your skill-set is, how ambitious you are or whether you wear bad cologne, or even if you don’t even bathe.

Money can’t see you, can’t feel you, and it thankfully can’t hear you. In fact, it has no ability to make decisions or judgments about where it goes or who should get it, or whether it even likes you or not.

The difference in who gets the money, for the most part, has to do with who believes they deserve the money. See, rich or poor, you’ve still got the same 24 hours to make hay while the sun’s still shining.

Money has no bias, only people have bias. Now you can have a bias FOR you, or a bias against you.

Which bias do you truly have?

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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