Small Business Marketing – Re: hey, quick question

Last Friday I sent an e-mail out (see below), and the response was overwhelmingly “YES!”

So this will be a go in the next couple of weeks, and to answer a few questions that came in as well:

1.  Yes, the Q & A will be recorded and made available as part of the product to the people who order it.

2.  Yes, you will be able to e-mail in questions ahead of time.  This’ll be especially helpful if you live in Europe, because it will be too late for some people to get on the call.

3.  And lastly, yes, the call will take place in the evening.  Probably a Wednesday or Thursday at 7pm Eastern time.

Here’s the e-mail I sent out in case you missed it:

I need your opinion on a teleseminar I’m thinking of putting on.

One thing i’ve heard literally dozens and dozens of times over the years, from people who meet me through business, is:

“Craig is a real guy.  He’s the same guy you see in his daily e-mails and in his products.”

Apparently, “being real” isn’t so easy nowadays — especially in print.

So I am considering putting on a workshop and sharing the five copywriting and marketing strategies I use, to “be real,” but I want to know if this is something you’re interested in.  The workshop will consist of:

*  90 minutes of content delivered by me

*  Worksheets for you to study, follow along, and take notes on

*  An Audio Recording of the teleseminar for you to listen to at your convenience, online, offline or on your iPod/mp3 player

*  up to 90 minutes of Q & A – i’ll take individual questions, so you can ask me specifically how to apply this material to your particular business or situation

*  A transcript of the call, and…

*  A Special surprise gift

You’ll get ALL this for close to nothing — say $97 — along with a no-hassle guarantee.

No one’s teaching stuff like this and I’ve spent the last 11 years perfecting this particular skill, to the point where… using these few simple rules, it’s become as natural as breathing.  And I’m no brain surgeon, so you’ll have no problem using these same strategies to create the same results.

Look, when people “sense” they “know you”… they are far more inclined to work with you and buy stuff from you.  So there is nothing but 100% upside here.

On top of this, you’re going to find your overall communication improving, like with your family, your friends and your kids.  You’ll have a lot less trouble getting your point across after taking this workshop.

So let me know if this is something you want, by leaving a comment below this post.  My assistant will comb through these replies, and if enough people want this, we’ll put it together sometime in the next two weeks.

There will be absolutely NO pitching on this call… it’s not part of any kind of a launch… it’s not part of any other scheme… it’s just a solid workshop with solid content and an unconditional money-back guar-un-tee.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and have a good weekend, Craig

P.S.  Make sure you let me know if you want to participate on this call by commenting below.

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