Small Business Marketing: Little-known tricks to getting even MORE orders

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One of the most important rules of selling is, ‘perception is reality.’

And truth be told, that’s pretty much the cardinal rule of any relationship.  If your wife thinks you don’t pay attention to her, then you’re not paying attention to her.  Doesn’t matter what you think, it matters how she feels.


Of course.  And it’s the same thing in sales.  If your customer thinks you’re offering them a great deal, then it’s a great deal.

But people often forget this.  They focus on what they’re giving, instead of what your customer is receiving.  And while you may think these two things are one in the same, they’re not.

See, one has to do with looking at the equation from your side of the table (what you’re giving).  And the other (what your customer or client is getting)… has to do with how they’re looking at things – how they perceive what’s going on.

And which side of the coin do you think people base their buying decisions on?

You got it, they base them on what they’re getting, not what you’re giving.

Do you think, when people buy iPhones, they sit and consider the hundreds of thousands of man hours and technological envelope-pushing, that went into putting the thing together?

No way.  They think about how it looks, feels and works.  How it’s going to feel using it, and what it’s going to be like for them, when they’re hanging out with their friends.  THEIR perception of things, like I said before.

One way of creating a different perception of things is to structure your offer as a bargain.  In other words, instead of focusing on all the things you’re giving or including in your services, focus on the savings or the discount off normal pricing.

Show the savings, talk about the free bonuses you’re throwing in, compare what they’re getting to what it’s really worth.

Focus on your buyers perception of things and you’ll have a much more compelling offer to promote, and… much more loot to count.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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