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Take your free test-drive of this month’s issue of Seductive Selling which is now available (till tomorrow only). In publication for nearly 7 years, and now read in 15 countries world-wide, here’s what you’re missing out on:

* This month’s issue has 14 LIVE marketing ads, examples, and critiques. We kept the issue revolving around one specific consumer theme — probably the most popular niche since the dawning of time.

* This month’s Audio Success CD Interview is with a Former 18-year DEA Agent who is now a successful entrepreneur. He’ll share his highs and lows, his failures and successes… and he’ll explain the ONE thing he’s used to successfully compete against HUGE national “big corporate” chains.

* How to use “The Psychology of the Marketplace” and the best vantage point to have, when creating your marketing strategy (on page 2)

* How to avoid making big claims… and losing credibility because of it. (page 3) And… the downside to not knowing how to position yourself properly (again, page 3)

* A VERY sharp “differential” niche that’s FILLED with easy access to buyers!

* TWO things you MUST look for when you’re thinking of carving out a sub-niche to chase down.

* How to use a little-known copywriting trick called “the illusion,” and two live examples of it.

* How to justify your buyers emotional wants and deepest desires, and validate their buying decision with sound logic for them to tap into (SUPER important)

* Common layout / aesthetic problems with your ads, that screw up readability.

* How to use two differentials to position ONE service or product, and the benefits of doing this regularly

* Right and WRONG ways… of using guarantees. These either give you INCREDIBLE leverage… or waste everyone’s time.

* Cool customer involvement devices for consumers, ANYONE can use in print or online media!

* When Celebrity Endorsements… aren’t celebrity endorsements! (page 7)

* How to sell products that cover up your flaws, without being offensive (a GREAT Live example in #14)

* And… you’ll also get the following columns: On My Night Stand Right Now… Weekend Update News, featuring… “TV: The Death Of You”… Click2Mail… Cool URLs… and “The Back End,” where you’ll discover, “How to get influenced: the connect the dots method”

All this and more, but only until tomorrow, so take your free trial right NOW.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. “Been reading every issue of the Seductive Selling Newsletter religiously. I get it in the mail, rip it open and don’t put it down until I’ve read it thru completely. It’s that GOOD. The copy examples you review and pick apart are extremely informative. It’s an opportunity every month to learn from one of the best minds in copywriting and improve on the copy I write for my clients.” Darryl DeLong – Groton, MA

So take YOUR free trial of Seductive Selling, NOW!

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