Meet the hiccup of selling: buyer's remorse

Most of the people who buy from you will go away and never return again, and then a smaller percentage will love you and what you’ve sold them and return many many times over.

There is an even smaller percentage of your buyers, however, who will experience some kind of regret or what’s commonly called “buyer’s remorse,” after making their purchase.  And some of these people will give you a hard time and make their problems your problems.

Buyers remorse is typically the result of three different things:

One, people spent more money than they should have — and… they don’t see the benefits of what they’re getting.  Meaning, they bought on impulse and didn’t think things through.

The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to always give the end result benefits of what you’re selling (meaning, sell the comfort and pride the living room set gives you, not just “a couch and two chairs”).  Make sure you give people test-drives of your product, to the extent this is possible — this helps a lot.

Two, spending money they can’t afford to spend.

This isn’t a big deal on a “want” purchase like a television or a bottle of booze.  But on a “desperation” purchase, but it is where someone is desperate for relief or for something else, and they think your product or service is the magic bullet they’ve been looking for… that’s going to make everything they’ve screwed up over the last ten years, better overnight.

Although you may be able to mitigate the problems these folks might give you (I’ll tell you how in a minute), for the most part, don’t worry about them.  They are immature and aren’t likely to be successful or happy, anytime soon, until they’re ready to take full responsibility for themselves.

These are the pains in the ass who make their problems your problems, and everyone else’s problems they come into contact with throughout their pretty unhappy lives.

Trying to “control” them is like trying to control your ex-wife when she’s amped up on meth.  Ain’t gonna happen any time soon, trust me.

Then there are those other buyers who are in Customer Limbo, for lack of a better description.  They most likely bought your product because they had some kind of a good “feeling” about it, or about you, but… they probably didn’t do enough research to justify their own purchase, logically.

Meaning, you whet their appetite by pushing their correct emotional buy-buttons, but they didn’t spend the time digesting everything you had to offer or everything you had to say before making their decision.

These are the folks you can do something with, when it comes to eliminating buyers remorse.

And that best thing you can do is offer them some kind of post-purchase reassurance.  You use the same tone of voice, or the same gifts of kindness you used to persuade them to buy in the first place, and you give them thanks and reassurance, all at the same time.

Got it?

And if you’re still a little wishy-washy about this, don’t worry.  Tomorrow I’ll show you an example of this in action so you can see what I mean.


Good, and in the meantime…

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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