Life Is Just A Game And There's Many Ways To Play

In 1976, bassist Stanley Clarke came out with what turned out to be a landmark album, called “School Days”.

One of Clarke’s songs was called “Life Is Just A Game” and it was a real winner.

I loved this song and I used to play it all the time. Smooth groove… huge crescendo building throughout and peaking at just the right time — and simple but profound lyrics.

In fact, I liked this song so much, I used the main chorus as the quote underneath my high school yearbook picture (Bronx High School Of Science, class of 1981).

The quote went like this, “So life is just a game, and there’s many ways to play… and all… you do… is choose.”

Like I said, very simple, but extremely deep, wouldn’t you say?

So, why DO people choose one way or another?

I don’t pretend to know all the answers to this obviously somewhat rhetorical question (I’ve been DYING to use that word “rhetorical” for a while now.), but I do know a few of the answers.

For instance, why do some people have a problem with relationships?

Well, a few answers come to mind — maybe they don’t have good communication skills… or, maybe they don’t understand successful relationships take LOTS of work… or, maybe they don’t realize it’s give-and-take a lot of the time — compromise, being happy for the other person involved, even when you have no CLUE why they made a decision to do this or that.

And how about business?

Why do some people choose to be successful, while others toil away like servants grinding straw into mud for years, with nothing to show for it except thick calloused hands and a permanent “crick” in their back?

In some cases, let’s face it — they just don’t know any better and for whatever reason, these folks can’t help themselves. These cases are truly few-and-far-between though, and are primarily limited to isolated groups of people who are either living in third-world countries (in which case, their definition of success isn’t really relevant to what I’m talking about, anyway), or people who are illiterate and have no access to television, newspapers, or any other form of media.

Right — that’s almost no one outside of perhaps the prison population.

Others shy away from success because of fear. Either fear of failure, or… as in my case, it was fear of success. See, when you grow up having loads of negative garbage stuffed inside your head, instead of tossing all that crap out, what winds up happening is, it marinates in there for years, like dirty swill — so by the time you’re fully-grown, what you end up with, is one powerful stenchy stinky mental soup.

And that’s bad, of course.

Very very bad.

So in my case, I had to spend LOTS of years working on getting all this stuff right. Lots of mental “flushing” of this swill, over-and-over again.

One thing that helped me a GREAT deal was reading another very simple but profound piece of information. It was an old book called, “The Science Of Getting Rich”. I’ve now made this book available, and I’ve also added some stories about my past to the book. How my past affected me, and my process of “arriving,” if you want to call it that.

I still re-read The Science Of Getting Rich at least once a year, and I’d suggest you do the same thing. It’ll be the best ten bucks you’ve ever spent, and you can get it right here:

Get it or not, it’s up to you. All you do is choose.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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