Lead Generation Marketing: "Required reading for anyone who needs to find new customers"

Few comments I’ve received, check ’em out:

“How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” is one of the very few books I still refer to on a weekly, sometimes daily basis… And I’ve owned it since you first launched it. It may be the “Breakthrough Advertising” of our time. It’s THAT good.

The info is more solid than courses I’ve paid 10x the price for.  It’s a complete marketing education, and should be required reading for anyone who needs to find new customers and make them customers for life. You’re writing style is captivating and your enthusiasm is contagious. It’s motivating, it’s inspiring, and it’s a million dollar lesson in marketing.  In a world full of “get rich quick” schemes and boring out of date marketing books, you’ve truly set a new standard. Thanks!”  Scott Murdaugh – Springfield, Missouri

“The techniques in “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” have allowed me to walk away from my full time job and transform my part-time freelance business into a thriving career.  Before using the techniques in Craig’s book, my business was just another job. My clients pushed me around and dictated how my time was spent.

My business really started to take off once I implemented the strategies in Craig’s book, specifically Strategy #10 “How To Become #1 In Your Industry.” I was able to transform my business and started dictating how others would work with ME. Using this single strategy alone I created a huge demand for my services and I was able to pick and choose who I wanted to work with.”  Bill Parlaman – Chester Springs, PA

“This book is FILLED with diamonds… Craig is one of the brightest guys I have ever met in my life. Although he reveals a lot about himself, he never brags about himself or about his intelligence — even though he easily could. I love brilliant guys, because they always have new ways of seeing things, clever shortcuts to use, and breakthrough systems that are easily applied. And, they are very practical in their vision.

There are people you meet who drain your energy, even when they are writing. Craig, on the other hand, is like a powerful dynamo.  He leaves you filled with MORE energy than you started with before your interaction with him. In fact, the more you read him, the more energy you have and the more motivation grows inside of you. The clearer you think, the smarter you will act, and the more money you will make.”  Christian Godefroy – Cheshires, Switzerland

Discover “My Secret Weapon… Finally Revealed” in Chapter 3.

Comes with a LIFETIME Warranty – I’m THAT certain you’ll benefit from it.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  “It may be the “Breakthrough Advertising” of our time. It’s THAT good.

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Craig GarberAuthor of "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers, " and publisher of Seductive Selling - an offline marketing newsletter currently read in 15 countries, world-wide. In a nutshell, I do two things: 1. I show you how to attract a reliable, steady stream of pre-qualified leads who are ready to do business with you NOW... 2. And I increase your net profits and cash-flow, by increasing your customer, client, or patient value -- often, dramatically. How do I do this? By developing, and helping you implement, unique, personalized lead generation and marketing strategies... using compelling sales messages that push your customers emotional buy-buttons. I've worked with over 300 clients in more than 104 different industries, since March of 2000, and I really enjoy what I do. I'm a stable, reliable, happily married family guy with three kids who loves life and always follows through on my commitments and promises. I love to listen to music, workout, read, travel with my family, take pictures, and go bass fishing. I always say "Yes," when it comes to good cigars, good books, and good coffee :-)