Lead Generation Marketing – Day 11: How to use online video and your website, to generate qualified leads (brand new info)

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Today’s question comes from Marie Denkinger: “Hi Craig,

We have a technical services business for designing, installing, modifying and maintaining high-end flexible plastic chain conveyors for moving fairly small, fairly lightweight and/or delicate products.  A very specialized niche in the materials handling industry.  We’re located in central California – – we serve the whole country, but most of our business comes from the west coast.

Right now we are putting together our website – a home page, and a page each for new system installation, existing system modification/retrofitting, and preventative maintenance services.

Our customers range from optical (as in eyeglasses) production to tea packaging to oil filter production to electronics production to solar manufacturing to disc drive manufacturing to pharmaceutical processing. All business to business stuff. The specific people we deal with range from CEOs to manufacturing or process engineers to maintenance managers.  Usually a pretty techy or mechanical lot.

The biggest marketing/copywriting challenge is how to make the website copy really compelling, giving enough technical info to appeal to the engineers, without being as flat-out boring as most of the sites in the conveyor category.

We have your book already and it has post-its all over it. It has been one of our learning tools for any writing we do.

Thanks for this awesome opportunity!”

Marie, have I got a treat for you.  What you need to do is take the strategies I am going to give you today… and combine them with the strategies a member of my Mastermind Group is going to reveal on a webinar he’s agreed to put on for my list, next week.  (Stay posted for these details, later on this week.)

Here’s the deal: What you need to do, is show your prospects how different you are.  And the easiest way of creating a differential sometimes, is NOT to create a differential.

Confused?  Don’t be, because this is a LOT easier than you think.

Listen closely and you’ll see what I mean: You need to think back and remember the scenario that Claude Hopkins faced back in the early 1900’s, when he had to create the campaign for Schlitz beer.  (This was l-o-o-n-g before the Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull came around.)

Hopkins created an ad that talked about the steam-filtering process Schlitz uses in making their beer.  When the President of Schlitz met with Hopkins, after he finished creating his campaign, but before the campaign was rolled out, he was infuriated with what Hopkins came up with.

His thought process was “everyone in this industry uses steam to filter their bottles.  You haven’t told me anything new!”

But Hopkins knew it didn’t matter.  See, just because everyone in the industry is doing something, if no one is talking about it with their buyers, then no one knows about it, either.

And do you know what happend after the president of Schlitz begrudgingly agreed to run the campaign?

Hopkins took Schlitz from the #5 beer to the #2 beer (trailing number one by a minuscule amount) in the country.  See, when you are the first to market with an idea… you wind up owning this idea for a long time.

(As a side note, I give away an actual example of Hopkins campaign and a detailed explanation of it, as a bonus when you order Hopkins book – on sale today, best ten bucks you’ve ever spent.)

This is what Marie needs to do.  She needs to set up a series of videos, or one long video, walking her prospects through her manufacturing process.  She needs to share things about subtle or unique benefits each machine she uses… quality control procedures she has in place… employee experience and qualifications… as well as background information about herself and testimonials and case studies of how she’s helped some of her clients.

She also needs to make a free report available, written in plain and simple English, which details all this information.  Then she needs to use this to compel her buyers to a call of action that gives them some kind of a 7-Step Efficiency Audit which will share good information with her customers that helps improve the efficiency of their manufacturing process.

Each one of these 7 steps should show them how to reduce costs, improve production, improve sales, quality control, or any other items Marie’s processes are involved in.  (If you want to interview me and use this as a giveaway to your clients, for information that will help them increase their sales, contact Anne in my office.)

Do this and you’ll be far from boring, and… far from average, like all your competitors.

I think… this ought to keep you busy for a while.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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